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Cafe Shane on Washington wants to serve liquor

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Café Shane, 794-798 Washington Avenue (Sterling/St. John’s) – Full Presently a sit down cafe that isn't even always open for dinner.shane

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  • Do you have any information about this (an online record, or a meeting where it may be brought up)? As a neighbor I have some interest in this. They have, in the past, thrown some very loud and late going weekday parties.
  • Please be advised that the CB8 SLA & Sidewalk Café Review Committee will meet on Monday, June 6, 2016 at 6:00 PM at CNR-The Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, which is located at 727 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (between Park and Prospect Places).
  • Thank you! Great to know. I'm actually surprised they don't already have a full license
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    I am interested in seeing if they go upscale as a result of getting their lic.

    Shane's and Tom's seem to be the only two places on Washington one can get a "regular breakfast", as opposed to a fancy brunch.
  • They already expanded to the next door location where they host private parties which I suppose they are catering for. It may be that they just want to serve drinks for these occasions, which were actually much more frequent about a month ago but have not recently been occurring.
  • It seems the attempt discussed above was not successful, and now they are trying again. This time, it seems to indicate that the event spaces will become a bar. I expect the restaurant will be able to serve as well. IMG_5265
  • In the past Shane's has been a pretty irresponsible neighbor when it comes to noise intensity throughout the day and passed 11pm, even when I personally approached them about it (on occasion they were hostile and non-responsive). They have recently reduced the after hours noise, but the music/ radio they blast in the kitchen all day remains problematic. I fear that if they get a liquor license they will not be respectful to residential neighbors surrounding them on all sides.
  • It is pretty hard to prevent a business from getting a license. As a pro-issue state, NYS basically requires that a business annoy their neighbors after getting their license, not before.
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