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  • Hi Warren Maybe next year!! Let's see who takes over now.. Enjoy your night!! :)
  • I'm on now, but I'm sure it's short lived., Don't know how I got on but I have a save draft button. Without that I'm done.. Don't know how long I'll be on but fingers crossed.. Hi Warren Thanks for your support!! Enjoy your night!! :)
  • Your test worked!
  • Yes but I don't see it on the blog U see it & I don't?
  • Warren I posted messages above this one. Do u see them?? The admin sees them but I don't. It's ok as long as I can read what everyone else posts & I Can respond. Your post is the last one I see.. I can't see my posts. Crazy!! Let me know Thanx :smile:
  • Yes Patsy, I see your posts!  I think that things are happening upside down & backwards!!! Glad you are at least able to post.
  • Hi Warren Last post I see from you is above about Coughlin retiring I don't see my posts
  • & I see your message to administrator too That's the last 2 I see from you
  • Hi Warren I think I'm back on., I went in the way you told me & I'm Hoping it worked!! I was going on another way & it stopped working For me. Thank u :) I hope this posts
  • Patsy, I see your latest post. Hopefully you can continue to get on!
  • Hi Warren Fingers crossed.. Have a great weekend!! :smile:
  • Good morning, friends Raining very heavy here today!! But it's going to be close to 70 degrees & Than very cold this coming week. Enjoy your day, we are painting my daughters Room today. She's moving into her brothers old room & her old Room will be turned into a walking closet For me .. Happy, happy!! C u all soon.. :)
  • That sounds like our weather report. It poured yesterday evening and all night. Now the temps are supposed to start dropping and we will be in for our usual January COLD weather. Yes folks, despite what the Chamber of Commerce tells you, mid Florida gets quite cool in January. December was unusually warm this year and now I think we are going to pay the price for that beautiful December. We do not get snow but 40 degrees is very common in January and a few days with 30 degrees are possible. If you come to Florida in January be sure to bring a few sweaters. I know that in colder places like Minnesota 30's & 40's seem warm but here in Florida that is COLD. We can always tell the snow-birds from the year round people in January. Year round people are in long pants and have at least a sweater if not a warm coat on. The snow-birds walk around in shorts & T-shirts and freeze!

    Patsy, any trouble getting on here?

  • Hi Warren True about Fla weather. I've been to Fla on numerous occasions. In winter & summer months. I had no trouble getting on here TODAY.. I say a silent prayer Whenever I want to post. Lol Enjoy your day!! :)
  • Sadly, the weatherman was right. 46 degrees this AM with more cold on the way. Had to dig out the cold weather clothes from the storage closet. Some of the football on the weekend was superb. Some of it was awful. As I learned wears ago the best team does not always win. The 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers were the best team in Baseball and yet once again they lost to the Yankees in the World Series.  Kansas City looked real good. Pittsburgh fairly good (considering the rain) and I feel Seattle got lucky and are not that good. Green Bay looked like the Packers of old in the second half. Next week will really thin things out!
  • Hi Warren Looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday No matter who is in it. The Giants are long gone, but we have Friends over & celebrate the day anyway. Have a great day!! :)
  • The Super Bowl is always worth watching. Even though our team is not represented.

    The best SB party I had was when the Giants were playing and won! It was in NJ at our house. I had TV's set up in the Living & dining rooms. It was the game where the Buffalo kicker missed the final attempt at a field goal thereby assuring the Giants victory. The crowd (all giant fans) went wild. That was January 27 1991. A friend gave me a watch which commemorates that game. Date & score around the outside of the face.

  • Hi Warren Hope all is well. We will be having a small SB party this year as always. It's nice to watch & root for the under dog.. It's freezing here today.. Low 20's. Brr. I'm hoping for a little snow..
  • Hiya Folks ~  kindest greetings to all!

    I hope every one watched the NY Ranger - NY Islander hockey game last night.  What incredible intensity! The fans went wild with excitement there at Barclay which is only a few blocks from where I had my earliest memories in life.  Interesting note: Butch Goring said the rivalry has always been great and that there should always be more regional games.  This because such rivalries are more intense, the fans want it, and the fans in the East are simply not interested in the games vs the West Coast.  I agree 1000%. Despite living in the Midwest, I just cannot develop any interest in this area's teams.  My heart remains with the teams from the East Coast whether they be the Yanks, Mets, Giants, Syracuse Orange, etc.  The NHL would be smart to promote more such games and rivalries.  Ditto for other leagues.

    The weather here is now very cold. While I don't mind the temperatures, I dislike slipping on the ice and hurting myself.  But there always plenty of hot soup in my kitchen so I'll stay warm at home.    :)

    As for Super Bowl, this will be my 50th SB.  Have never missed one and look forward to the next ....

    Everyone have a wonderful weekend & Keep Smiling.
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    Hey Prodigal Son, watch out for that ice. Plenty of people here in Florida fall without Ice and after a certain age broken bones do not heal to easy. I seldom watch Ice Hockey on TV. I can not follow the puck and it seems like all the players wan to do id fight anyway. I used to be an avid Hockey fan. Went to the Garden Sunday afternoon to see the Minor leagues play like The Rovers , The Long Island Ducks and the Manhattan Arrows. Then we would go out for a bite to eat and come back for the Ranger game. My Interest in Hockey waned a long time ago. Here in Tampa they have the Lightning and I guess they are pretty good. They are the only sport in town that gets a full house every game. The Bucs draw so-so and the Rays do not draw at all. I will watch the NFL playoffs and then the Super Bowl.
  • Hi Patsy. We are doing okay. Health goes up & down for both of us but we are surviving okay. The biggest draw  back to moving this far away is that we seldom get to see our children & Grandchildren. Well you can't have everything! Enjoy life. It is too short to dwell on the negative things. .
  • Good morning friends. Hi Warren Glad all is well.. Just doing routine Saturday cleaning & Chores, etc. right now. Shopping later on 3rd Ave. So many beautiful shops & stores here In Bay Ridge. It's not just all bars & restaurants. It's the new little SoHo. I'm so very glad to be living in this part Of Brooklyn! Just got a fabulous offer for my house, But we're not ready to move. We both still work & my husband is not Ready to retire yet.. Say hello to Carol for me & have a great Weekend. Hi to administrator & Mamacita where have You been?? :)
  • We're here... we're just quiet!
  • Lol Glad to know u guys are around if we need you. Much appreciated!! :)
  • We are being told that it is because of "EL NINO". and we can expect this kind of weather for a few months. By the way. The temperature dropped quite a bit also. As long as we do not freeze or drown we can live with it!  (Editing on here is not easy. They will not allow me to correct the spelling of lightning or highlight with color.) Oh well, I can still post (so far).

  • The above line was on the post above but was left out ???????
  • Now the whole line was left out. It stated that we had real bad weather last night. Wind, rain Thunder and lightning.
  • Hi Warren We had snow yesterday. Not much.. More expected the end of this week, Winter has arrived.. It's only in the 20's right now, Brr.., Most people off from work today due to It being Martin Luther King's birthday.. I said a prayer for a man who wanted Equality for all. Enjoy your day, people.. :)
  • We are freezing also. High 30's to low 40's all around us. We are not used to these temps. Not much of a change in the forecast for the week to come. Tornado's Saturday night-early Sunday in the County just below us. Too close for comfort. Two adults killed, one injured, 4 children injured all in the same home.
  • Coldest day yet. Areas not far from here in the low 30's. Not good for the crops. We were barely 40 this AM. Hope a warming trend comes soon.
  • Hi Warren We're preparing for snow!! I'm excited. I love it!! I want enough to go out & build a Snowman with my grandson.. Stay warm.. Enjoy your weekend!! :)
  • Hi Warren We're preparing for snow!! I'm excited. I love it!! I want enough to go out & build a Snowman with my grandson.. Stay warm.. Enjoy your weekend!! :)
  • Hi Warren We're preparing for snow!! I'm excited. I love it!! I want enough to go out & build a Snowman with my grandson.. Stay warm.. Enjoy your weekend!! :)
  • Hi Warren We're preparing for snow!! I'm excited. I love it!! I want enough to go out & build a Snowman with my grandson.. Stay warm.. Enjoy your weekend!! :)
  • Hi Warren We're preparing for snow!! I'm excited. I love it!! I want enough to go out & build a Snowman with my grandson.. Stay warm.. Enjoy your weekend!! :)
  • Hi Warren We're preparing for snow!! I'm excited. I love it!! I want enough to go out & build a Snowman with my grandson.. Stay warm.. Enjoy your weekend!! :)
  • You can have ALL the snow Patsy. That is one of the main reasons I moved to Florida. We get some crazy weather but NO SNOW. It looks nice on Christmas Cards & Post Cards but I had my fill of it in NY & NJ. Washington DC is really supposed to get hit hard. It only takes a couple of inches there to shut the town down. I guess our hard working (ha-ha) congressmen & women as well as our Senators will have to spend the next few days with a hot toddy in front of the fireplace.
  • Hi friends We are getting pounded!! I can build lots of snowmen :smiley: Just finished doing some house cleaning & Laundry & going to take my grandson Out to build a snowman!! Or snowmen lol I'm loving it!!! This snow is supposed to go on until midnight. We must have at least 8 to 10 inches now! Enjoy your weekend!! :smiley:
  • Well Patsy you asked for it and now you have it! And you can have my share as well. What you are getting right now is why I am in Florida. I have no doubt that if I would have stayed in NJ my obit would have already been written and it would have stated "he died while shoveling out his driveway".
  • Hi Warren It's still snowing,, Snowpocalypse! We only shoveled once, & it was a Waste of time.. It's coming down aggressively!! We have over 2 ft already here. On another note, I got a lot of stuff Done around the house today. Going to read , & hit the sack early.. Goodnight. :)
  • Hello everyone in God's Country!

    Snowpocalypse! Ah, it is only a prelude to Ground Hog Day which is just around the corner.  Soon enough the weather will turn really nice.

    Temperature is 31F here in the Gopher state where the tv Weather man refers to anything over 14F  as "mild".  [No kidding!]

    Speaking of hockey, I hope some of you have tuned in to,

     for pro ladies puck - the NY franchise plays in Brooklyn's Floyd Bennett Field.

    The league has a channel in youtube and streams some of their games for FREE.

    Be safe and always be well.    :)

  • Hey Prodigal Son, your mention of Floyd Bennett Field brings back memories.  It being right at the foot of the bridge to the Rockaways made it always evident to anyone going out to Far Rockaway, Rockaway Point, Breezy Point ,Reese Park etc:. Then there was a beach right at the end of the Field where dogs were allowed.  My Brother In Law (sisters husband) was stationed there for awhile during WWII. He thought he was going to be stationed elsewhere, said goodbye to his family and my sister and then got his papers to report to Floyd Bennett  field. His family had a place on Sheepshead bay so it was really convenient. Eventually he was shipped out but for a short time he was around family and friends when he did not expect to see them for months. By the way, do you happen to know if the "Manhattan Arrows", the " Long Island Ducks" or the "NY Rovers" minor league hockey teams are still in existence? I used to see them in MSG before the Ranger games. The minor league teams played Sunday afternoons followed by the Rangers at night.
  • Hi guys Floyd Bennett Field! Awesome place. My family does indoor ice skating & Rock climbing there.. I had a few Birthday parties for my young one there Years back.. Beautiful place.. I remember back in the 80's we had a Bowling dinner there & I remember food Was good & we had a great time!! Enjoy your day!! :)
  • Question for anyone. Do planes ever fly in or out of Floyd Bennett Field anymore? Does the Navy still have rights there?
  • Hi Warren The field is unused. Hangars, runways & control tower Intact but off limits to any air traffic. :)
  • There's a small plane on field, but just for show. Almost museum like.. Really cool place & beautifully kept. :)
  • Hi friends Happy weekend!! Warren, where are you? Hope all is well. Ok, c u all later.. :)
  • Thanks for all the info about F.B. Field. Have not been anyways near it for years.  Sorry to hear it is not being used as an airport but glad to here it has been put to other uses. For several years I worked in So Hackensack NJ right off a take off runway for Teterboro Airport. Plenty of private planes and cargo planes go in and out of there. There used to be a B-17, still painted with WWII camoflage that flew out every morning. It went right passed my window on the second floor of the Mail Processing Facility and I could wave at the Pilot he was so close!
  • Howdy all.

    Grounds Hog Day is tomorrow!  I hope Punxsutawney Phi and Staten Island Chuck bring good news for you.

    Ground hogs are called "wood chucks" here in the North Lands but we don't really observe the day in these parts. 

    Glad FBF is being used as part of the USA's Park Service. All that good land should always be put into good use.  There had been talk for a while of putting in a major cricket oval but I don't think they did - only a small amateur playing ground was created or so I heard.  Too bad ~ be great if a major oval was created as East New York and Brooklyn used to be major hot beds of pro cricket from just before the Civil War up to 1900. 

    Major snow storm is expected here but the Twin Cities will largely be spared the worst of it (at least we hope so).

    Everyone take great care!
  • CRICKET! CRICKET? The only sports that draw a crowd in this country are Football & Baseball. All the other (especially"foreign") sports die on the vine. Soccer is popular every where else in the world but not here. Personally I fall asleep during a soccer game.There are hardly any Ameriicans in Ice Hockey. If you are talking about amateur sports just for fun, that is different. I think you will have to go to London or  Edinbourgh to see CRICKET on a professional level.
  • Did I chase everyone away with my post about foreign sports? I am a sports lover and even though I enjoy some more then others, I do not dis-respect someone because they like a different sport. I like Tennis very much. Never played it but love watching the pros. I have likes and dislikes for certain teams in every sport that I follow. As I have mentioned on here before, I am an old Brooklyn Dodger fan who suffered with them through the late 30's 40's and 50's until that horrid person Walter  (The Devil Himself) O'Malley took them away. I am an avid NY Giant NFL fan, I like Roger Federer and Andy Murray in Tennis. and follow the Mets & Yanks in baseball. Years ago I was an Ice Hockey and NBA fan but I can not follow the puck on television and since the NBA players are taller then the basket and do not have to follow any of the rules, I lost most interest in those 2 leagues.
  • Hi guys Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!! Having some friends over tomorrow for Super Bowl Sunday!! We're rooting for the Broncos.. Everyone, enjoy!! :)
  • GOOOOOOOOOOO Payton!!!!! I think it is important to win his second ring so he can tie brother Eli. Will make things much calmer at family get togethers.. Carolina is going to be tough to beat. Not only is Newton a good QB but he has the receivers and runners (Including himself) to be very competitive. I would of course prefer to see the Red, White & Blue Giants on the field but this was just not their year!
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    Question for anyone. Do planes ever fly in or out of Floyd Bennett Field anymore? Does the Navy still have rights there?
    The NYPD flies helicopters out of there still.
  • Thanks Z1010P. My brother in law was actually stationed there for a while when he was in the Navy. That was back in WWII and most of the people on the blog were either not around yet or were very young.  I remember well when JFK Airport was called Idlewild Airport.
  • Okay. Peyton has two rings like Eli. Denver Defense is really great. Cam Newton is young and I am sure he will be back to play in another Super Bowl or two. Carolina has a good team with many young players. For now, it is Peyton's night. Imagine how proud Archie must be. Two sons with two Super Bowl rings each!
  • Super Bowl was fun - great to see the Manning family with FOUR  SB rings. They sure worked hard to get them.

    As for cricket, yes, it draws humongous crowds in Australia, India, England, and other parts of the world. Only soccer draws larger crowds.  By the way, while a typical Super Bowl tv audience draws in over 200 million, this pales in comparison to the European Champions League soccer championship which typically draws well in excess of 1 billion (probably closer to two billion). 

    It's getting cold again this week in the Tundra.  But that's OK as Spring will come in only an other month or so.  

    Everyone keep smiling!   :)
  • I did mention that soccer is popular outside the United States but it has never really caught on here and I doubt if it ever will. I would venture to say there is more money spent on The Playoffs and Super Bowl then there ever would be on soccer for a whole season. Quite frankly, I find it to be a very BORING sport. I was an assistant manager of my brothers LIU soccer team. I could count the attendance on two hands. The average college football stadium being built now holds 100,000 and they fill them every Saturday during the season. Oh well, to each his own. Some people like bull fighting.
  • ''Some people like bull fighting.''

    And why not - after all one of bull fighting biggest heroes was from our beloved Brooklyn:


    My dad and I used to watch his broadcasts on the Spanish network many moons ago.

    And a Happy Birthday to someone who makes Brooklyn really special ~ the Queen of Rock & Roll, Miss Carole King:

  • Hi friends, Hi Richard. Love Carole Kings music. Bull fighting looks very exciting from What I've seen on tv. Also looks very dangerous. Hi Warren I picked up at the library today NYPD Red 4. Was on waiting list for a short while. I can't wait to start it.. I'm reading a Danielle steel book right now. Almost Done, than I'll start NYPD Red 4. Did you get to read it yet? Hope everyone has a greatl night!! :)
  • Yes Patsy. I already read NYPD red 4. I am on a list for Private Paris when it comes out. I better find something to read soon because without football or baseball I am kind of lost on TV.
  • Hi Warren I'm on the wait list too for Private Paris!! It's a looooong list. Lol Sooner or later. It's ok though, I have 3 books From library & 1 on my Nook that I still need To read.. I love it!! It's great being aBookworm. I'm sure you'll find something to read in the Meantime. Talk to u soon!! :)
  • Hiya Friends!

    I understand that c-c-c-cold weather front we've had here is coming your way so stay warm.  Remember that there is nothing better to deal with cold weather than is hot soup.  Which reminds me of Mrs Freeman (a school teacher) who was assigned to monitor the cafeteria on Tuesdays at PS 174 back in the 1950s and 60s.  She always walked around (rather slowly since she was of rather advanced age) and would yell out, "you there - eat up that soup". Unfortunately, this was on Tuesday when we had tomato soup which I couldn't stand.  Thankfully, my class mate Anthony was always there to bail me out as he loved tomato soup.

    Today, now that I took up gourmet cooking as a hobby, I make delicious soups that would cost you a mint in any restaurant.   :)

    And soon enough we will all be out doors watching baseball, softball, and lacrosse. For those who can't go outdoors at the moment, log on to necfrontrow website. 

    Enjoy your weekend.
  • Oh by the way, I've started out my weekend by watching online sports and then by listening to St Joseph's College radio:

    As always, NYC college stations always play the best in modern day musical entertainment.  Enjoy it, Friends,  if time permits .....
  • Hi guys, Snowing here in NY! Let's see how this goes! Hi Richard I love lentil soup & creamy Mushroom. My all time fave Is onion soup with the bread & mozzarella Inside!! Everyone enjoy your night!! Btw, Warren, I read NYPD Red 4 in 3 days.. I loved it.. Couldn't put it down.. :)
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    Yes, The NYPD Red series reads quite fast 

    When we used to take day trips on the weekend, we went (among other places) to New Hope & Lahaska PA. There was a restaurant  that served onion soup with the top completely over covered with melted cheese. It was out of this world. When we lived on 12th Street, at first the only heat was a coal stove in the kitchen. My mother made some homemade soups that simmered all day on that coal stove. She would put it out for supper with fresh bread and butter an what a meal that made. Sometimes it was chicken, other times veggies & beef. Nothing better in the winter then hot soup!!!.

  • Hiya Friends!

    Hope all is well & that you are having some hearty & tasty soup to warm your blood.

    Speaking of cheese & soup ~ that was unheard of in Minnesota when I first moved here. I was in a cafeteria with some folks and they were absolutely startled that I put cheese in my soup.  They asked, what in the heck are you doing???   Thereafter, I challenged them to do the same and to add lemon juice to their soups. Needless to say, after they learned how much these things improve the taste, they started doing it as well!

    I have a new ISP and am having a heck of a time trying to get used to the new system. Hopefully, it won't conked on me as it has already done. 

    Weather will be cold for one last day tomorrow.  Thereafter, temperatures are expected to go into the upper 30s/lower 40s which is considered quite mild here in the Tundra.

    Everyone take good care.
  • mm mm good that's what most soups are especially in the winter. Since Minnesota has a long winter I guess soup will be a regular on your menu Prodigal Son. A new computer system is always a problem. I use Windows 7 on a Dell Computer and my problems are minimal. I do always allow the updates MS sends and I use McAfee to ward off Viruses. I have not switched to Windows 10 yet although it is available free for people with 7. Guess I am a little on the Chicken side and I am not a great fan of change unless what you got is broken. That is what happened when I had VISTA and it just did not work for me.
  • Hello friends Hope everyone has a nice weekend! Warren, new book out by Paterson. Private Rio!! Ironically about the olympics, which are Being held in Rio this summer! I wonder if there will be any similarities to the Summer Olympics? We'll read & see! Take care!!! :)
  • Patsy, if Rio can not clean up the water there may be NO WATER sports at the Olympics. Even the boat contestants are considering pulling out. Seems as though Rio sends raw sewage into the bay untreated! On top of that they have to do something about the Mosquito population which is spreading the VIKA virus. Does not sound like a place I want to be, or send any of my Grandchildren!!!!
  • Hi Warren I didn't know all that about Rio! That's upsetting. Only a few months away for big decisions To be made. Hope all is well & send Carol my love.. :)
  • I am sure that the government in RIO is doing all they can to correct their problems. A great deal of money and prestige is at stake.
  • Hi guys Yes you're so right Warren. I will watch some Of the summer olympics but I prefer the Winter Olympics more!! Did u get to read private Paris yet! I'm still on wait list. I'm reading Nicholas Sparks new novel "See Me". I have read all his works.. He's one of my top favorite authors too! Ok, enjoy your weekend.. :)
  • Hi Patsy, No, I am still waiting for Private Paris. Our Librarian only orders Large Print versions and she does not expect it until the 2nd week in March. I will be one of the 1st on the list.  Have not read any of Sparks books but I may try one. Heard good things about him. I know that when See Me came out there was a large wait list.

    Weather here is clear but mornings are windy and cold. Afternoons still windy but a little warmer. AM Temps have been in the 40's which is cold for here. My son in law went to S. Jersey for the Polar Bear swim. My daughter said that the water was 37 degrees but the air was 50 so they did not feel too bad when they came out of the water. My son in law does it every year. My daughter just goes to watch! Carol & I went on a bus trip from here to the Tampa Downs Race Track. Carol had one horse win but most of mine came in second and I had bet them to win. Oh Well, we had a good time and Carol broke even including lunch. Her winning horse paid $29.00 on a $2.00 dollar bet. (That is all we bet, $2)  We stay for 6 races and get back in time to freshen up for dinner. Last nights choices of entree's were Rack of Lamb, Shrimp Scampi and an Orange something chicken dish.

  • Hi Warren Yes, try Sparks books. He's a great writer. Did u see the movie "The Notebook"? Great movie & book written by Sparks, among Other books of his turned movies. Glad u & Carol had fun at the races. And she won, that's always nice!! Anyway, hope u had a nice weekend.. Going to bed now & read a little & than To sleep.. Busy weekend, now I'm tired. G'night.... :) P.S. Read "See Me" you will enjoy it!!
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    Hiya Friends in God's Country!

    Yes, soup is on the menu tonight - chicken soup with all the usual goodies.  A few minutes more and it's din-din time.

    My new isp modem did work after all and is really working fine, now.  When I watch sports that are streamed online, they generally come in very clear.  

    No water sports in Olympics?  Gee, that would be awful.  I enjoy watching crew, synchro swimming, and water polo.  Wouldn't be Olympics without them.  Yesterday I went to a girls water polo match between Macalester and Carthage with the latter as victorious.  Strange how Mac has a new coach who came in with a sterling reputation - but he has only 7 players with only  1 player on the bench and the team got swarmed. Cannot understand  how someone with his great reputation is unable to recruit players (???). Well, maybe next year ...

    The weather was 57F yesterday - an awesome day for this part of the year.

    Horse racing season won't start here for a while.  As it is, the horses don't quite rate with those in NY or Fla and the racing gets very little tv or radio coverage. 

    Am starting to read the Mike Hammer series. Very attention grabbing for sure.   

    Hope everyone has a wonderful week - Spring is just around the corner!
  • Hi friends Richard, I made homemade chicken soup Too on was Delish!! I made s big pot with chicken, onion & celery & potatoes, carrots and of course chicken.. Leftovers Were even more Delish on Monday..i Also put Parmesan cheese on top when Served. So good!! Ok, back to what I was doing. Talk soon... Enjoy your evening!! :)
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    Hello, On Sunday I went to our Sunday Brunch. I had a Mimosa for starters, then instead of my usual Omelet I had eggs over medium. I added corned beef hash but skipped the sausage. Hot coffee served by our waiter, The dessert choices were many but I settled for a little Chocolate Ice Cream.  The choices on the Sunday Buffet Brunch are numerous. It was a beautiful day. Went to Church at 1:30 right here in our Rec Room. Carol stayed home. She has not been feeling well. She even skipped BINGO Sunday afternoon. The Omelet I usually get on Sunday (made fresh right in front of you) is eggs of course with Ham, Onion,, Tomato & Cheese.There are several different peppers and spinach leaves  Then there is a carving station. It varies. Sometimes Beef or Lamb or Ham. The meat choices on the buffet are Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Hash etc:. They also have various entrees. I am too heavy already so I take it easy on the Buffet.

    Weather here has finally changed. High 70's in the afternoon.  Still cool in the AM but it warms up fast.

  • Hi friends, Warren it sounds delicious!! I love brunch foods.. I like my eggs over easy with ham.. We woke up to snow this morning, But gone now.. Everyone, enjoy your weekend!! :)
  • When I started making entries on this blog several years ago, there were at least a dozen people participating. Now it seems we are down to 3 or 4 people. At first I was a bit of an outsider since I grew up on 12th Street and not in the 20's like most of the folks on here. I very quickly was made to feel at home by all. We lost a couple due to death, that is inevitable. Where are the rest of you???? I know that facebook drew many of you away. I am not asking you to give up facebook but I am asking for you to show a little loyalty to the Blog that brought so many old friends together. I have my reasons for NOT  going on facebook and I know that over the past couple of years there have been some troubles getting on this Blog. That seems behind us now so those who gave up for that reason please give it another try. The administrators of this Blog have worked very hard to make it easier to post.
  • Hi Warren. I agree. Our blog friends should come back on And post! I still enjoy posting with the few left on here, But it would be nicer to have some of the old Bloggers come back on.. I hope you had a nice weekend.. We're making preparations for Easter in A few weeks.. A nice family get together for us!! Have a great night, & i hope you rented A Sparks novel, & if not, you will soon. :)
  • Hi Warren. I agree. Our blog friends should come back on And post! I still enjoy posting with the few left on here, But it would be nicer to have some of the old Bloggers come back on.. I hope you had a nice weekend.. We're making preparations for Easter in A few weeks.. A nice family get together for us!! Have a great night, & i hope you rented A Sparks novel, & if not, you will soon. :)
  • Patsy, I looked at the book cover synopsis on a few Sparks books and did not care much for what I read. I am not into romance novels. I like Cops & Robbers and WWII stories.

    I see our plea for some of our old blog buddies has so far brought no results. Oh well, we tried!

  • Hey, how about some of you old bloggers who hate me come on and vent your anger. I have broad shoulders and can take criticism.
  • Hi all.. Hope everyone has a great weekend!! :smiley:
  • Disappointed reaction to my post on the 11th. I thought at least one person who dislikes my posts or hates them would come on or someone who likes them would come to my defense. Oh well! Back to square ONE.
  • Hi Warren Looks like it's just us!! Oh well.. I'm fine with it!! Hope you & Carol had a great Weekend!! :)
  • Hi Warren Looks like it's just us!! Oh well.. I'm fine with it!! Hope you & Carol had a great Weekend!! :)
  • While having a recent discussion with neighbors from various parts of the country, I told them about our "Brooklyn" experiences during WW2.  Air Raid Drills, Thousands of planes blanketing the skies, ships like the two Queens taking troops overseas, bringing back wounded, rationing (I still have my Ration Book). Prospect Park was the home of an Anti-Aircraft unit with search lights and big guns on lookout mountain etc:. While discussing some of this with younger people working here at our Independent Senior Living Facility, I discovered they knew very little about WW2. One young man asked me what D-Day was. It means to me that WW2 is either NOT being taught in the schools or the young people are not retaining what they learned. Sad Isn't it????
  • Hi friends "Happy St. Patrick's Day"! I'm 100 percent Italian, but on this day, Everyone is Irish.. Sunday I will make corn beef & cabbage, Which we love! Have a great night, all. :)
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    Happy St. Patrick's Day to all..... How is everyone? Nice to see that some of you are still keeping this blog alive. Everyone have a very Happy Easter!!
  • Hi friends! Judy, it's so nice that you posted.. Come back soon.. Xx :smiley:
  • Judy, good to see you on here. Now if we could get a few more "old" friends on here it would be splendid.
  • Looks a little like I am talking to myself but here goes--  Patsy I finally got Private Paris and I am reading it now. So far so good! Got a call from my oldest son last night. I was on duty in the Security Patrol here in Sun City Center but Carol was home. He is coming down to Orlando with his wife next month. His youngest son is in a High School National Baseball Tournament to be held at Disney. We are making plans to see them and some of my Grandsons games. Will take some careful planning. My son wants to come here to pick us up and take us out to Orlando. He realizes that I am not too comfortable driving that far. We hope to stay out there a couple of days. It will be the first time we have seen them in a couple of years.....
  • Hi Warren I'm still on waiting list!! I'm sure it will be a great read!! So happy to hear you wil be spending Time with your son & family..good luck to Your grandson in the tournament.. I'm watching what happened in Brussels Today!! It's so heart wrenching.. What a Bunch of crazies to do this!! Too bad all this Evil can't be turned around to do good.. Let's pray, for all the families & Innocent people who were killed and hurt,. I said some prayers. I do hope terrorism Comes to an end one day. :)
  • Okay Patsy, I finished "Private Paris" about an hour ago. It is very different from Patterson's other books. Its content is very modern and up to date. I have not decided yet whether I like that or not. Regardless, it has all the twists and turns you would expect from him. Maybe even more!!!
  • Hello all recent and veteran Blog people. 'I CAN'T HEAR YOU"
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