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    Yes Patsy the confusion goes on! I finished "Games". It is a different book from most of the Private series but very interesting reading. Since both "books" have the same order # it becomes more obvious that there was a title change somewhere along the way.

    The little boy I wrote about earlier had some very interesting things happen. After the fall that broke his arm (go way back to find that story). he did not slow down at all. In fact his father bought him a used bicycle and he learned to ride it. Up to Prospect Park and ride on the bike path. Coast down the Park Slope Hills and let the wind blow through his hair. It was a good thing that he learned to ride the bike because in a few years he would get a job at a meat market delivering orders with a bike. In the meantime when he was 11 his only grandparent, his Fathers mother died. A trip to the funeral parlor (Waldecks in Bay Ridge) was a first for him and a bit scary. Then he went to the Funeral and saw the "Box" containing his grandma lowered into the ground. It was back in the day when they lowered the casket in front of the family while they each tossed a flower down the grave, on top of the casket. It was a life lesson and one he thinks about 71 years later.

  • Ok I posted a few days ago & post is not on Here!
  • Warren I'm #84 on list for that book!! Not sure why 2 titles came to be..
  • Hi Richard I posted to you a few days ago, but I Don't see post on here??' I watched your video on the birds. Loved it. Thanx for sharing.. Everyone, enjoy your day!!' :)
  • Ok my mistake. We're on a new page, I think. I went a page back & saw my posts To u guys!! This is what happens when we get older. Lol Hope u all have a great night!! :smile:
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    Patsy, if you are getting older, that makes me ancient!

    Not into bird watching but many years ago when I was a Letter Carrier, I used to talk to the birds on my route, especially in the afternoon when I delivered a semi-rural area.  What ever noise they would make, I would repeat it and most often they would repeat it back to me. I really had fun with the mocking birds since they could make any sound. Here in Florida we have many, many types of birds. Large & small. The sand hill cranes are really something. If they stand straight up they can look you right in your eye. They have there babes in the nest for at least a year and by then they are as big as their parents. They travel together and fear almost nothing. I found out one day when encountering a family of 3 Cranes. They came screeching out of a side street and flew which they seldom do. A dog frightened them. Well many think this posting is for the birds so I will say good evening all.

  • I went to our Public Library today. I picked up a Marcia Clark novel as Patsy had suggested. I also noticed that hey only has :Games: listed and not Private Rio.
  • Hi Warren What book did u pick up.? Enjoy it!! She is a great author.. I have read Most of her books from the library. I Downloaded 2 on my nook that I have not Read yet. Hi to all & have a great weekend! :)
  • Hi Warren What book did u pick up.? Enjoy it!! She is a great author.. I have read Most of her books from the library. I Downloaded 2 on my nook that I have not Read yet. Hi to all & have a great weekend! :)
  • Warren She has 2 books out That go hand in hand. Guilt by Association & Guilt by Degrees. In that order. I hope u enjoy her writings.. :)
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    Thanks Patsy, The one I found today is guilt by association. Looks  a good mystery!!!
  • Hi Warren
    Great!! After that read guilt by degrees..
    Try to order all her books.
    "The Competition" was awesome!!
  • Happy Saturday.. Enjoy your day!! Warren, I hope you're enjoying your Book!! :)
  • Hi Patsy and all who read here. While I am enjoying the book I must say that I could have told you it was written by a women without looking at the cover. All important roles in the book are held by women. I guess that is payback for all the books written by men that have men in most important roles. The difference in my mind is that having women in all the important spots is not quite realistic. While the "Glass Ceiling" has been shattered in many instances, I think she, meaning Marcia Clark, has gone too far in this area of casting people. I also could do without the descriptions of every outfit each of the women wear. That is definitely "Chix" stuff. All in all it is an interesting novel despite the above complaints.

    It is beginning to look like NY baseball fans are not going to have a division winner this year. Washington is pulling away from the Mets with Miami right on the Mets heels. The Yanks are buried in next to last with only Tampa Bay keeping them out of the cellar. Hopefully the Mets will make the playoffs and play much better and consistent baseball.

  • Hi Warren I love when women are at the helm In a book. & you know fashion is part of Our daily lives as women.. Lol Glad you're enjoying the book, though. I hope you get to read all of her works.. Right now, my youngest daughter is on Her way home from Aruba with her Boyfriend.. They spent 5 days there & did So much.. Parasailing, went on blade runners, beach, pool & underwater photography & other things I can't remember right now. They did a lot in 5 days. Beautiful vacation!! Hope you have a great day!! :)
  • Patsy, I will finish the book but I am not thrilled with the almost all female cast! I am not a chauvinist but this book is so hooray for women that I doubt if I will read another of her books.
  • Hi friends, Warren, I'm sorry to hear you won't Read anymore of her books.. It's a matter of taste. Maybe b/c I'm a Woman, I loved her books. Lol Hope all is well. Keep reading & posting. C u on here soon. :)
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    Hello All,

    I learned a long time ago that an individuals taste in books & movies can vary greatly from person to person. I love Jack Higgins and Patterson. My wife is an avid reader but she can do without both those authors. VIVA LE DIFFERENCE!

  • Hi Warren, I just picked up from library "the Games" I waited only a few weeks on list. Have you read it yet? Enjoy your weekend! :)
  • Yes Patsy, despite the confusion over the name of the book I did read and enjoy it. I think you will too.
  • Glad to know every one is still enjoying their reading.  Brooklyn sure is a great place for bookworms like me and you.  At the moment I am reading Grit  magazine.  As I think about it, I generally do not read books written by women.  There are a few exceptions such as Emily Dickinson, Willa Cather, Margaret Fuller, and the  Brontës, with Alice Munro and Katherine V Forrest being the only modern day writers whose stories I have read. 

    The amateur baseball Summer season is ending soon and I was all set to watch a double header today.  Sure enough, we had three hours of rain.  No chance to play today.  You know the story of the best laid plans of mice and men.  But, we do need the rain and it did cause a drop of nearly 30 degrees in the temperature.  So I cannot complain too much.  Hopefully, tomorrow the field will be in decent shape and I will be able to watch the final game of the regular season. Luckily, we have 2 more weeks of adult softball and soccer. Shortly thereafter, high school & college sports will be on the horizon.

    I'm looking forward to a tasty dinner comprised of tamales over rice.  What's on your dinner agenda for the weekend?

  • Saturday Afternoon I had a cup of  Beef/Barley soup stacked with veggies, A small  Tortellini Salad, Barbecued Ribs, and Baked Beans, an Arnold Palmer to drink and an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie for dessert. Note, I could have had my choice of several desserts but my belly is too big so I chose the cookie over all kinds of pie and Ice Cream. Today we have a Sunday Brunch. I usually have a couple of eggs over, a little hash and a couple of small sausages. Top it off with Coffee and dessert. There is a carving station and several regular entrees but I usually skip them. Tonight we will just have a snack. Do not know why I can't lose weight as my will power is pretty good and I skip a lot of the extras. What Carol likes the most about meal time is that when we finish we just walk away and our waiters & waitresses clear the table and the dishwashers in the kitchen clean the dishes and silverware for the next served meal. No planning on our part and no cooking unless we heat up a goodie for lunch. Independent Senior Living aint too bad! Go to hell spell check. I consider aint a word!
  • Hi guys, Speaking of food made me hungry! Lol I had a bagel with butter this morning. (Whole wheat) with small coffee. Lunch 1 slice pizza. Dinner, not sure yet. Something light. We had one heck of a storm here Last night. Today, weather is beautiful. Ok, back to work.. Enjoy the rest of your day!! :)
  • My breakfast this AM was my usual. I/2 an English Muffin w/butter & a little jam. And two cups of coffee. Thaaaaaats All Folks
  • Warren, That's not much for breakfast. I'm thinking strict diet, maybe? I love English muffins!! Especially Thomas English Muffins. All the nooks & crannies! So good with butter!! I may have that tomorrow instead Of a bagel., Have a great night!! We're expecting rain the whole Weekend here. :)
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    As my Cardiologist says "You should be happy that you maintain your weight for months at a time". For me however I am annoyed that I can not lose any weight no matter how much I cut back. Another Doctor told me it all has to do with Metabolism . As We age it slows down and does nor burn off the calories. I eat sensibly, walk every day, do a short weight lifting program with very small weights and yet my weight seldom varies more than two pounds! Guess I was meant to be FAT!


  • Hi friends Happy Sunday!! Warren I have the same weight problem. It is harder as we get older to lose Weight. As long as we're happy & healthy. That's most important. Went to jersey mall yesterday with my Cuz Terry & some friends. Lunch & Shopping.. A girls dream day!! Lol It's always nicd to be with the people We love.. Ok going to have breakfast & pack. Leaving for Pa on Tuesday with m Cuz Stephanie for a week. We've Doing this for the past 4 yrs alone. She has a nice mobile home up I In the mountains in a community Of mobile homes. So nice & so much To do. We've been going up for almost 30 yrs, but now our kids are grown & Don't want to come anymore. That's ok No kids, no hubbies, no housework Etc. it's a true vacation. I'll post if I can, if not c u a week From Tuesday! Enjoy!! :)
  • Patsy, have a ball. I have a lot of good memories from the Poconos. We went there many, many times. Mostly to a town called Canadensis. I downloaded Windows 10 last night and I am still experimenting. Many changes!!! I will be taking part in two Church services this afternoon as I did last week. Next week also.
  • Hi friends Up in Poconos. Weather is perfect. Not too hot. Nice enough to do many things Without sweating. Hope you all havea great weekend! :smiley:
  • Hey Patsy, watch out for those Pocono Bears. They can be big and mean!!! I hope you hit some of the open flea markets up there today. There are a lot of them. One problem tomorrow (sunday) kind of hard to get an alchoholic drink up there on Sundays!!! 
  • Hi Warren Talk about bears! The family on our glen, but around corner From us showed us s picture she shot On Friday morning of a mother bear & Her 2 cubs. They were sitting on her lot Not too far from her mobile home. She shot pictures from her door. They were awesome. All the years I've Been going up there, I've yet to see Bears. I did see lots of deer though. Beautiful animals. We had a clam bake on Saturday down The clubhouse. Great food & a live Band name "Green River Band" They're really great & do all 60 & 70's Music. They play at Breezewood every Year at their clambake. Went shopping At the outlets & did see a couple of Flea markets. We had a great time. Came home yesterday late afternoon & Back to the old grind. As for drinking on Sunday, it doesn't Matter because i don't drink at all. Never did. Water with lemon is my Drink of drinks. Lol Have a great night & Love to Carol. Xx :)
  • A friend from Bay Ridge, that we met at the resort we went to in Canadensis, had a house built across the road from the resort. Unfortunately both husband and wife are now dead.

    Anyway, one morning after they moved into the house, our friends daughter went out to go to work. She came screaming back in the house because there was a bear in a tree right over her car. My friend called the ranger and he asked if my friend had a porch and coffee. My friend said yes. The Ranger came and told my friend that if they sat on the porch and drank their coffee the Mother Bear would come and get the cub in the tree. Sure enough, after about 15 minutes later here came mama bear, she called up to the cub who came down the tree and the two of them ran off to the woods. People in that area try to co-habitate with the bears without getting too close.  There was a Canadensis named bear who would occasionally sit right in the main intersection of town. The rangers & the local police would tell upset callers that the bear lived there before they did and they should just leave him or her alone and eventually he or she would get tired of being there and move on. That is exactly what would happen. As long as you leave them alone they generally will leave you alone but stay away from their cubs!!!!

  • Hi Warren Love the "bear story". Enjoy your weekend. :)
  • Hello All, Gee things are slipping in the slope. I know someone who had there house on the market for 1 million $ and he has been told he will only get $990,000! Values in the old hood are crazy high. The builders want the old houses, tear most of it down and build 3 or 4 story condo apts that they sell for 1 million each! Young people with good credit want easy transportation to their jobs in Manhattan and there are subway stations all over the slope that will get into Manhattan in 15 or 20 minutes. I guess I have earned my salary at the wrong time. I know I sure could not afford to live in the slope now!
  • Hi Warren That's anywhere in Brookyn. I got over A million dollar offer on mine in Bay Ridge. You can't touch Brooklyn. Even rents are Sky high! Brooklyn is hot real estate.. Who knew?? Hope all is well. Weather had been horrific here. Heat wave. Ugh!! Can't wait for Fall.. I never really liked the summer. Hate the heat.. Enjoy your night. :)
  • As if I don't have enough problems, I found out yesterday at the Doctors that the pain in my left heel is caused by PLANTAR FISCIITIS. Now I can not take the walks I am used to, and I must do several exercises with my foot and leg several times a day to minimize the effect of the Fisciitis..I guess I can just add it to all my other problems. Meanwhile Carol has had an extended attack of her I.B.S.. We are a Motley Crew! This week I will find out what my Urologist wants to do about my raise in PSA and Carol will see her Gastro guy who is a great guy but has no answers for her problems. Getting old is a benefit of my generation but it takes a lot of Maintenance!
  • Hi Warren One day at a time! I know u appreciate each day.. Getting older sucks, but we're all In that same boat..just remember, At least you're here to talk about It. Relax & enjoy your night. I always think, things could be worse. :)
  • I had the same heel problem some years ago. The foot doctor prescribed soft rubber (made to order) shoe inserts, which allowed me to walk without pain, and the problem went away after a few weeks.
  • Thanks booklaw, I have inserts also but the exercises that the Doctor prescribed are a bit painful but I will give it a go. Meanwhile my Prostate problem is pretty bad and I am back on a drug I took in the beginning about 14 years ago!
  • I had my cancerous prostate surgically removed 18 months ago. Not fun!
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    My prostate Cancer was detected early in 2002. I opted for Pills, shots Radiation and Radio Active seeds. My side effects were minimal and only lately my PSA has decided to climb some.  I will get a Lupron shot later this month and I am back on Casodek pills. If that does not work I will have to submit to other chemo options. I have also had bladder cancer twice. No connection to the prostate.  So you can see I am a physical wreck who also has Afib, a pacemaker and now This dopey thing with my foot!!!!
  • Damn! That is a lot to put up with... I'm impressed that you seem to be handling it all really well!
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    Well booklaw, the town I live in has a hard fast rule. You must be 55 or older to live here. The average age is about 80 so I have a lot of company with my aging problems. We have a saying "As long as you wake up in the morning, look to the ceiling and do not see the bottom of the flowers, it is a good day".
  • Hey Folks!  Hope all is well for ya.

    Am watching the WWE wrestling shown which is being done at Brooklyn's Barclay Center. When I was a little kid, our family lived only a handful of blocks from where that building is now. How I wish that we never moved from Fort Greene!

    Hope everyone enjoyed the Olympics - they sure were fun.

  • Hi friends Just popping in to say "hello". Weather here last few days has been Really nice! Back to 90's tomorrow & the next Few days. September is already around the Corner. Get ready.. Holidays will be here Before you know it. Hope everyone is well & keep Posting.. :)
  • Thanks for "popping In" Patsy. Yesterday was a busy day. Went to the first Dr's office for a PT/INR test. That is a blood test that measures how well the Warfarin(Blood thinner) is working. That came out okay despite the Casodex that I have added to my prescription list. Then it was off to the Urologist to have a dreaded Cystoscopy. That is to check the Uretha, bladder etc:. (do not want to get too graphic here but, yes, it checks that too.) for any sign of tumors or damage. Results on that were good despite some pain involved. All this on top of my Plantar Fasciitis in my heel which feels like I am stepping on a nail every time I put my foot down. Oh well, the alternatives are not too pleasant either.
    Have been enjoying watching the Little League games. Some of those kids play better then the so called pro's. One thing I have noticed over the years of watching the Little League World Series. The fielding has improved immensely. It used to be just hit the ball and run. The fielders will probably kick the ball around. Now, for the most part they field it cleanly and throw accurately to the base. Also, there are a lot more Home Runs. I think that they will have to move the fences back some. That is about it for now. "Talk" to you all later.
  • Hi friends Warren, my husband is addicted to Little League games. Those kids are Something else! We're rooting for NY. They're still in The running. :smiley: Too bad Ryan Lochte made a fool Of himself & this country. If you can't Hold your liquor, dont drink. What a Shame, this went down at the Olympics. The other guy with him are to blame Also. It would have only taken 1 of them with little Brain to step up & tell the truth from The beginning. They stood by & Listened and went along with his bs. They all should be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately, they were representing Team USA. What a disgrace. They blew so much of their future Endeavors for a night of drinking & Lying. Wow!! Everyone makes Mistakes, but this is irreparable. Talk about if you could Turn back time! Warren, hope you're feeling ok. Everyone, have a great weekend!! :)
  • Okay Patsy, NY won the National title! Lets hope they can bring home the International title tomorrow......
  • Hi Warren Yes!! NY vs South Korea.. Today at 3:00. Can't wait to watch the game. Cooking ravioli & meatballs & Salad for dinner,, Need to go buy fresh Italian Bread now before they sell out., Everyone, enjoy your day!!! :)
  • Hooray NY little leaguers! CONGRATS!! On your win in Little league World Series. Great game!! The boys from Endwell,NY sure did End-well! :)
  • They sure did and showed good sportsmanship following the game!
  • Yes, Warren They are a class act.. Bravo NY :smile:
  • Hey Patsy, what is with the ribbons etc:? I hope it is for the Endwell NY team and not the end of summer!
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    Despite what you are hearing on the TV and reading in the papers, only a small section of Florida has seen damage from Hermioine. We here in Sun City Center have only had rain and a few gusts of wind. Little to no damage here. Tell Terry I do not think St Pete was hurt bad either!
  • Hi Warren Lol!! The streamers are for Endwell winners!! (Although, here summer is just about Over). I'm looking forward to the fall & the crisp Fresh weather. Enjoy your weekend, I think we're going To have rain over this holiday weekend. :smiley:
  • Late Summer ...

    Weather is cooling off just a bit and rains are coming down here in the Gopher state. But I actually enjoy the rain though it is said that the mosquitoes like it, too, and inspires them to breed too much.  

    I'm hoping against hope that the NY Giants will have a decent season. GO Giants!
  • Oh Yea Prodigal Son, GO, GO, GO, Giants. I am hoping for a splendid season. If the offensive line is halfway decent, Manning will deliver the goods. A little running game will not hurt either! 
  • Hi Friends, The weather people hyped up for days, That the storm Hermine was coming This way!! We cancelled BBQ's & Get togethers over holiday weekend!' Closed beaches & all.' What bs. We got nothing & the weather was nice! Oh well! I cannot believe it is 15 yrs this coming Sunday For 9/11 anniversary. Unbelievable!! God Bless America!! :)
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    And despite the attacks on this wonderful country of ours we have football players getting paid exhorbenant amounts of money sitting down for the National Anthem. What hypocrisy. No, this country is not perfect but there are countries in this world where these ballplayers would be dragged out of the stadium and thrown in a jail cell. They should be singing the National Anthem as loud as they can and thank GOD that they live in a nation where they can make the kind of money they do for playing a game.
  • My grandson's first day of pre school. Not even 3 yrs old yet. Where does time go? :smiley:
  • Hi Warren You're so right!! Sitting down during national anthem. A disgrace.. Everyone has an opinion, but he picked The wrong platform to do it!! Funny thing, some people agreed With him. It's absurd! They're supposed to set an example For today's youth. What a joke!! Karma will come around.. Have a nice weekend, & Prayers for those who lost their Lives on 9/11. :)
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    What a day! Memorials for 9/11, Both NY baseball teams, Yankees & Mets both trying for a spot in the playoffs (who would'a thought it) Giants VS Dallas in NFL season opener, I am taking part in two Church Services and my heel still hurts like hell. What I really feel like doing is going back to bed but I have our Sunday Brunch in about 2 hours, then the two Church services. I will be back in time to see the Giants game & perhaps a little of the baseball games. The Men's tennis final is today also but I lost interest when my favorite players bowed out. I enjoy tennis very much but without Nadal, Federer ,Williams,  Sock ,etc: Its just Oh Well for me today. Same yesterday with the women. Guess I am not much of  an International fan. I want to see Americans in the finals. Last one for the men was Andy Roddick and he is sitting on his Butt in Texas watching the finals. Serena looks great until the semi-finals and then blows up! I guess Baseball & Football will fill the bill for me today.
  • #1 Church services went well.
    2. My foot still hurts.
    3. Giants are trying to give me a heart attack but a win is a win, even by one point!
  • Hi friends Hope all is well. Busy week. Warren, the Giants game was awesome. My daughter Toniann is going to see Giants game vs Saints this Sunday. Her boyfriend is a Saints fan. She is aGiants fan. She bought tickets as a gift to him. Let's see how this turns out.. Warren, hope your heel feels better Soon,. Have a great night.. :)
  • Tell Toniann, that if the Giants do not win Sunday, we will blame her! All kidding aside, I hope she sees a good game and enjoys it. I wont even see it on TV. We only get a certain amount of Giants games down here in Buc territory. I will have to watch the bottom of the screen and look for the score there. When they play Monday or Thursday night on the networks we get to see them and a few regular games during the season.The heel is slightly better but far from healed.  Oh well, at my age you have to take the bad with the worse!
  • I  guess that I chased everyone away with my last entry! Hoorah, the Giants won! Not by much but a win a win! 2 and 0. That is a good start to the season. Eli threw for 368 yards and not 1 TD. That is bad. I think that the new coach is even  more Field goal Happy than
    Coughlin was. Patsy, how did your daughter like the game?
  • Hi Warren Toniann had a great time at the game. So glad the Giants won!! Fingers crossed.. 16-13 very close game., Hope all is well with you & Carol. R u reading any James Patterson Books?? I found another author whose tv show I love. Nancy Grace.. she only wrote A few books but pretty good. Nothing You would like. Similar to Marcia Clarks Novels. Ok, stay well & keep posting.. :)
  • Hello All, Temps still near 90 degerees each day. When it starts to cool down in October it will still be in the 70's to 80's. Late November it will cool down a little further. Patsy, I am waiting for Patterson's new book. My librarian has promised it to me as soon as it comes in.  I am concerned about 2 major problems with the Giants. Theiir inability to score TD's in the red Zone. And their pass defense.  Hopefully both items will improve as the season progresses. My  health problems and Carol's continue to be  hanging on. Hopefully that will improve also.
  • Holy heck - I just got my second cold this Summer.  A sure sign of old age and I'm not entirely happy about that.

    Made some chicken soup, loaded it u with spinach, laced it with ginger & garlic.  But I'm still suffering these  ⊗ ⊗ ⊗ ⊗ ⊗ ⊗ symptoms!

       Missed out on attending youth sports since Saturday and need a couple of more days to recover.  But life goes on so I need to stop the self pity. 

    Anyways, glad to see the Giants win. Hopefully, Tim Tebow will enjoy some success playing baseball with the Mets minor league team. 

    With September winding down I am reminded of my days of taking walks in Prospect Park and enjoying the colors of the season.  I hope everyone gets a chance to go outdoors, see those colors, and watch the birds start their flight South.  Everyone take very good care.
  • I knew a young boy who did not see his Father too much because he worked shift work around the clock at Brooklyn Union Gas Company. Every once in awhile when he had a day off he would walk this young boy over to 9th street and up to Prospect Park West. He would go over to Loonies and get a bag of peanuts. He and the young boy would walk into the park, past the big monument statues and onto a park bench. There he, and his son would share the peanuts with the squirrels who would come right  up on the bench and carefully take the peanuts from their hands. It is a marvelous memory for an 82 year old to think about his Father......
  • Hi friends Richard I hope you're feeling better By now.. The leaves are gorgeous this time Of year.. enjoy this weather! Warren, love the story about The little boy & the squirrels! Enjoy your weekend, all :)
  • My father was a great man. Always put family first. I guess I got to be with him more than my brothers because I was the youngest. The Gas you have coming into your house for A/C,Furnace, Hot Water etc:. was turned on by my Father when Natural Gas made its debut in Brooklyn. He had supervised the installation out in Greenpoint Plant when the turnover went from Manufactured Gas to Natural gas. Remember the Huge storage tank down on Smith Street? That was Citizens work plant where my Father spent much of his career. He helped manufacture the Gas when Natural gas was still in the future and then converted right along with the Gas. Many a night in the winter he worked 2 shifts when there were not enough people to do the job. My Mother & I would take a hot meal my Mother had prepared and take the trolley down to the block before Citizens Plant and bring his hot meal. Memories, Memories
  • Hi Warren Great story!! Sounds like a great family!! Hope all is well.. Everything on my end is good.. Always busy & on the run! Holidays sneaking up quickly.. It's almost October. This weekend is 3rd ave festival & Ragamuffin Parade. Supposed to Rain. But it won't stop anyone from Having fun.. just have to carry an Umbrella... Enjoy your day!! :)
  • Our Librarian gave me Patterson's BULLSEYE yesterday. First couple of chapters were captivating. I am sure it will not take me long to finish the book. Been very busy of late but I will make time to read. Bought a new locking file cabinet for secure papers and I have started re-aligning my file cabinets. In my most recent bulletin to the residents here about their Employees Appreciation Fund, I told the people here that in WWII the B'klyn Navy Yard was called the "Can Do Yard" and their fund can be called the "Can Do" fund if they meet the goal I set up.  I had an Uncle who worked in the Navy Yard as well as my oldest Brother who worked there part time in the summer while on summer break from school.
    I believe it is an outlet center or something like that now.  Did you know that during WWII you could not bring a camera on the Brooklyn or Manhattan bridges for fear you would be taking pictures of progress in the Navy Yard?
  • Hi friends Happy weekend! Hopefully weather will hold up for The Ragamuffin Parade today. Rain at 8 Tonite. Tomorrow 3rd ave fair. Weather Should be ok by then..(hopefully) I hope everyone is fine & you all have A great weekend. Warren, I'm going to library this week to Put my name on waiting list for Bullseye! I hope you're enjoying it. :)
  • I am enjoying Bullseye. Very modern! Patsy, do you know if Terry has completely given up on this blog? Considering how long it has been since she was on here I guess the answer is obvious. I was just concerned whether there was illness or some other problem keeping her off?
  • Hi Warren Terry & family are fine. I mentioned to her a couple of Times to come back on, she says Yes I will, but she hasnt yet. I speak to Her often & i will definitely tell her you Were asking for her. She's been doing renovations In her home & her youngest son just got engaged & Planning a wedding for next year. Have a great weekend. Say hi to Carol. :)
  • I was very disappointed in my Gants last night. They looked almost amateurish. No secondary and unimaginative play calling! They are still my team and I will be loyal but I think we are in for a very disappointing season. I hope I am wrong!!!!
  • Hi Warren That's almost what my son said. We have to keep the faith in The Giants!! I'm afraid to think out loud about the Mets game tonite.. fingers crossed. Have a great night & get the popcorn Ready.. :)
  • I hope hurricane Matthew goes easy on The Floridians. Warren, I hope you & Carol are in a safe Area from the hurricane. I said a prayer for all affected by this Terrible fate of Mother Nature.
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    Thanks for your concern Patsy. We are on the mid West Coast of Florida just South of Tampa. So far they are showing us to be on the safe side. Looks like Datona and the Space Coast may be in the worst spot. I am concerned about my Daughter & Son in Laws new House in NC. They are still living in NJ but built the house for retirement and vacations.  Lets Go Mets!
  • Kinda sad that the Mets lost but they gave it their best shot! Lets hope that the Football Giants snap out of their current position and go on to be winners.  As far as the baseball playoffs are concerned I now have no one to really care about. I guess the closest thing to the NY area is the Red Sox so I hope that they do well.
  • Hi Warren Hope everything is ok in NC! We have lots of rain here since late Last night. My daughter Toniann & Her boyfriend were supposed to go I six flags I NJ today, but weather is Terrible there too! It's "fright fest" there Until Halloween & they were excited About going..but they called this Morning & got rain check tickets For sometime next week. My husbsnd is going too! He loves all those crazy rides. They invited me, but I opted out. I don't do those big rides anymore. I would have liked to see the Haunted houses, etc., there, but It's not worth buying a ticket for Just that. I will go shopping instead next week While they enjoy they're Halloween Fest. I'm sad too about the Mets. Maybe next year. Ok, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Will post soon!! Oh before I forget, Warren, I'm Reading Bullseye. I picked it up Yesterday at the library. Surprisingly, The waiting list was not that long. & yes it is fast reading.. I also took out 2 Danielle Steel Books that I hadn't read yet. I'm a happy bookworm. Lol :)
  • Hey MOD, thanks for the link above. I glanced through it but considering I grew up in the Slope in the 30's and 40's it was all new stuff to me. They did not even mention Germains!!! That was the big department store on 15th street & 5th Ave. Prospect Park was so safe when I grew up that I used to walk through the Park with my Mother after Dodger night games. Never had a fear. The Cop on the beat knew all of our names and especially knew your Father. Steeplechase Park in Coney Island was the fun place to go after swimming in Brighton Beach. Sunset Park Pool and Red Hook Pool were our "swimming holes". Some of my nutty friends even swam in the Gowanus on the way home from Red Hook. How they did not get sick I will never know. Churches were the centerpiece of many of our lives. It did not cost anything to play in the Church Gym. Yes I went to the YMCA in fact my brother was a Life Guard there. The PAL and the Y day camp used to take us to Dodger games FREE on Knot Hole club days. I saw no mention of Cube Steak or Bickfords when people posted about 9th street  between 5th and 6th Aves. I know, I come from a different era but it was fun reading the comments of a different generation.
  • That sounds wonderful! Makes me wish I had grown up in a place like that!
    Times certainly have changed.
  • Yes "MOD", It was a great place to grow up. Unlike many people think about NY, The Slope was a place where neighbors cared and watched out for each other. All the kids were welcomed in most others homes at any time. We as kids went to the stores for the elderly. Of course the 5 or 10 cent tip helped! Parents were used to us bringing home friends for lunch. Our street games were for everyone. No one left out because of religion , race or whatever. Did we have disagreements, arguments and fights? Of course we did but it was all forgotten when we started the next game. Stick ball, box ball, triangle, off the point etc:. At night there was ringo-leveeo or Johnny on the pony. Boys and girls mixed! When I fell & broke my arm, it was a neighbor who drove me to the Hospital. He was one of the few who had a car! I could go on & on but it is summed up by saying the Slope was a great place to raise a family in the 30's and 40's. I left in 1960 when I got married and I can still tell you most of the kids names who lived on my block.
  • Hi guys Thanx MO. I read the link you sent. I remember a lot of places n things named In that was a quick walk thru Memory lane. Warren I'm so enjoying "Bullseye" So good. I'm looking forward to his Next book, "Woman of God". Time for me to go to sleep. Talk soon.. :)
  • If only these Authors knew how much time we spend on their books and how we anticipate their next volume. Woods writes so many of them it is hard to keep up with him. Higgins writes so seldom that I almost forget about him! As I told MOD the link was interesting but I am just that much older that a lot of it was over my head. I grew up in the slope at the end of the depression and through WW2. Not a boring time at all.
  • Grew up in ENY rather than Park Slope.  But always enjoyed visiting Prospect Park.  :)

    At present, am watching the NY Giants and, as usual, they are not doing all that well.

    The weather here in St Paul has taken some wild swings from the mid 70s to the low 30s. You just never know when to bring an extra sweater when you venture from home.  

    Glad to know Florida was spared from the worst of the recent storm and hope all goes well for those in nearby states. 

    While I love Halloween, there is only one problem that I have with it: the prices of chocolate candy goes downward and I succumb to the temptation of buying loads of it.  Not for kids who are trick-or-treating, but for myself. Soon enough, my teeth ache and my face breaks out in acne.  Argh!  

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season.  Take great care.
  • Hi friends Hope you all enjoyed a nice weekend. My husband, youngest daughter & her Boyfriend are at Great adventure for Fright Fest. My husband loves the rides there. He's a big kid. Rides in the day & haunted houses, etc This evening. I opted out, b/c unlike my Younger days, I don't go on rides anymore Except the WONDER WHEEL at Coney Island. Always was & will be my Favorite ride in the world.. Richard, hooray for the Giants. Great game., very glad they won. I bought a giant bag of mixed candy For the trick or treaters. I eat maybe 1 piece. I'm not s big candy fan, My 3,kids all love candy, Especially Chocolate. We are getting 80 degree weather Here in NY in a few days. Will be in 70's before that. I have yet to put the heat on in the house. I dread when those bills come in. Hope it stays on the warm side a Little longer. Friends, enjoy your night & keep Posting.. :)
  • Hello All, The Orange is for Halloween! Seemed a little hard to read so back to black. Our Halloween decorations are up. Some on our front door and some on the Patio. I walked in the Alzheimers walk last Saturday to help raise funds for research on this horrid disease. When you are in a town with all Senior residents, you get to see the awful results of Dementia and other related diseases first hand. It is not pretty. If you can not find enough money to donate to many charities, please do not leave out the Alzheimers fund. It could be your Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle etc: tomorrow. Weather is actually changing here. No more 90's. This weekend is predicted to have lows in the 60"s and highs in the 70's.Then it will be back to highs in the 80's. Very pleasant indeed. Okay, back to work. Have to prepare for Christmas soon! The stores already have the trees and deco's up.
  • Hi friends In NJ pumpkin picking with my grandson& my hubby & my daughter & sister. Gavin had a ball picking pumpkins & a great time On the hay ride!! Weather is really nice today too!! Hope you all had a great weekend!! :)
  • Now that is a sight you will not see here. They grow a lot of stuff here in Florida but I think that the Pumpkins are all brought in from other states. I was happy that the Giants won but I did not think they looked very good doing so. If the secondary does not stop standing next to receivers and not only letting them catch passes but advance for first downs after the reception, we are in for a dreadful season. Really exciting for Cub and Indian fans. Damn shame what they are charging for tickets. I saw one listing for  $5000 ticket. That is absurd! I wonder if any real, regular fans get to go.  Getting ready for Halloween. No trick or treaters here but we do have a whale of a Halloween Party with Dance, drink and snacks.   The management lets the children of the employees come in late in the afternoon to trick & treat so I was wrong above when I said there were no Trick or Treaters.  I do miss whacking the girls with socks filled with flour.
  • ^ Nice pic of the kid and pumpkin!

    Ach, the weather here can really stink at times: early in the morning it is 37F, cloudy, and very windy. I go to a soccer match wearing thermals thinking I was going to freeze out doors like I did last year at a soccer game.  Well, the winds drop, the sun comes out, and suddenly it is 60F.  Unlike last week, I sweated throughout the game. Well, at least the game was for free and I was smart enough to take a bottle of cold water with me to cool me down. 

    The Autumn season for high school and college sports is winding down -  it sure was loads of fun.  Then I will have to wait at least 3 more weeks until the early Winter season starts.  That should be fun, too, especially since it is free for us seniors.   :)

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween with their families.  Take good care ...
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