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Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread - Page 65 — Brooklynian

Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread



  • edited June 2014
    Patsy. the picture of Gino and Gavin!!!!

    Hello to all...
  • Good afternoon friends
    Hot hot hot
    Going up to 93 degrees today!!
    Ugh!! I hate the heat.
    Enjoy your day & stay cool!!!
  • Hi,

    I just want to let everyone know that Jeanette DeSena's sister Rosie Marsella passed away last night.

    Sending my condolences to Jeanette and her family.

  • Yes Judy Robert Lagrecga send me a message late last night. Did not want to post anything until the family did.
    My condolences to Our Dear Jerry Largecga, Jeanette Lagrecga, Marie Lagrecga and Rosie's family. ( Her children and grandchildren)  She will be missed at our next reunion.  She always looked forward to coming every time we had one.  Will be missed much.
  • Good afternoon friends,
    So sorry to hear about Rosie Marsella.
    She will be going straight to heaven.
    My condolences to her family.
  • Good morning friends
    Weather great!!!
    Going for a pedicure.
    C u all later.
  • Good morning friends
    Warren where are you??
    Happy Saturday.
    Have a great day!!
  • Here I am Patsy, It's a beautiful sunny warm day here in Sun City Center Florida. Played Bunco last night after dinner. Carol managed to win a few "Bunco Bucks". They can be used at the bar or hairdressers. Think we will skip tonight's movie. Does not look all that interesting. Called "Bernie". Tomorrow I will be taking part in two Church Services. Here and at a neighboring Independent Living place.

    Talked to my Cardiologists yesterday. They answered some of my questions about the drug they want me to try. I will have to go into the Hospital for three days while they check the good and bad effects of the drug. It is called Tikosyn. It would replace the Sotolal I am on now. I would be on continuous EKG tests as well as Kidney function tests. Evidently a very strong drug. I need it to stop the A-Flutter I am in almost all the time. Not looking forward to being Hospitalized but it is the only way you can be put on Tikosyn. Not sure when I will do this but it would be shortly. Being in A-Flutter 99.7& of the time is not too good!
  • Hi Warren
    I will say a prayer for you. You're a trouper.
    The movie tonite. is it "weekend at Bernie's?"
    If so, go see it. It is very funny.
    Feel good Warren.

  • Good morning friends
    Went to my nieces grad party yesterday
    Here in Brooklyn
    Great backyard party
    Lots of fun!!
    Hope everyone has a great day!
  • Hi everyone;

    I had a hard time getting back on. I hope I'm back to stay on. Thank you all for the congrats on my granddaughter. She is so good and going 5hrs at night .
  • Good Morning All,
    You would not believe how busy a retired person can get. Unfortunately most of the time it is for Medical reasons. Waiting for a call back from one Doctors Office to confirm me going into the Hospital for tests on a different heart medication. I have to squeeze it in between the regular appointments Carol and I have with Doctors and Labs. Meanwhile, I got an e-mail from the fellow who runs the Church services I am involved with. He wants me to write and present the Sermon on a Sunday in August when he will be away. All I will get is a Bible reference and I will have to write the sermon based on that reference. Quite a challenge but I think I can handle it.

    One grandson graduated from College a few weeks ago and one graduates from H.S. this week. Guess they are not in diapers anymore!!!! Time sure flies.
    Weather here has been pretty pleasant. Sunny in the high 80's every day. Some thunderstorms in the evening. So long.
  • FYI-computer & TV will be unplugged my plane ticket for the 6th..staying with Jessica after Sunday before I leave..will try to get back on (i'm going to buy a tablet & my SIL will help me)if I can I'll ask my daughter to show me how to post some pics of the grandkids!  otherwise, I'll get back on as soon as I can...Warren-hope you're better, bye to Terri, Patsy, Debbie & Judy for now...bye
  • Anna...wishing you all the best with your move.

    Warren ...feel better

    Hi to Patsy, Debbie, Terry and Donna
  • edited June 2014
    Good morning friends
    Hi Donna glad to see you back on
    Send my love to all xx
    Anna...enjoy your new journey in life!
    Warren you are the best!! God Bless.
    I am starting a new job today.
    I will be an administrative assistant in the school right across the street from where I live. I used to work there. From 2001 to 2005 & my spvsr back than who I am still good friends with, asked me to come back & work for her again. So I decided I

    Need to make $$$ & I feel great about being back in the working world.
    Everyone, have a great day!!
  • Hi guys
    Had a nice day!
    Went to Debbie's daughters Kati & Samantha's grad party at Debbie's house.
    Kati graduated from college & Samantha from H.S. Good food & lots of laughs & I got to see the Bonavita clan.
    We talked about memories of Park Slope &
    Our parents & grandparents, etc
    Awesome time.
    I hope everyone has a nice weekend.
    Tomorrow home in backyard
    Grilling & maybe in the pool if hot enough.
    Have a great night!

  • Hi guys
    Where is everyone?
    BBQ today in the yard with the family,
    Beautiful weather but a little too cool to
    Go in pool. Maybe tomorrow.
    Ok going to read & relax.
    Need my rest, back in the working world,
    Enjoy the rest of your night.
  • Gavin says hello to all!!
  • Good Morning all, you too Gavin,

    Unless one of my Grandchildren gets married, we are out of the baby business. A great Grandchild would be a novelty!!!!

    My Hospital arrangements are just about finalized. It will be a 3-3&1/2 day stay.
    The main purpose is to see if my system will accept the new heart pill the Doctors are proposing I take to clear up my hearts A-Flutter. It will be in a couple of weeks.

    Been quite warm here. Temps in the 90's every day. Patsy, You would not find it hard to pick a day to swim here. Either in the Ocean (Gulf) or in a pool. Anna, pack your bathing suit at the top of the suitcase. You will need it right away when you get down here.
  • Hi guys
    Warren.. Good luck with your stay in the hospital. I pray the new heart pill will work.
    Keep us posted.
    My new job is going well, so far.
    Hectic, but the day flies.
    Everyone, have a great night.
  • hi everyone hope all are ok.anna good luck on your sisterinlaw eve is coming up here from west palm beach for a couple weeks.old goat good luck with your new heart pills.if I missed anyone forgive me.i,m retired and don,t know what day or time it is.and I don,t want to know what day or time it is{ha ha}everyone have a happy and safe 4th of july to you and your families.ok take one day at a time,and do the best you can. bobby c

  • Howdy everyone!

    Glad to see everyone is OK.

    It was so depressing to see the USA lose in World Cup soccer.  But luckily for me, I went to a neighborhood youth baseball game and our team won - that sure made me feel good.  Just to show you my old age, years ago I coached the team's coaches when they were kids! Funny thing is, it was so cold last night - everybody was wrapped in blankets because of the very chilly & humid air and gusty winds.    Thankfully, I had on a long sleeve shirt & thick hoody - but was still cold! Brrrrrrr !

    Hope everyone continues to have a wonderful Summer.
  • Hi Everyone,

    Warren...good luck with your hospital stay

    Patsy...glad you like your new job.....Gavin is getting so big and is adorable

    Hi to bobby, prodigalson glad to hear from both of you

    Everyone have a great day and a wonderful 4th of July weekend
  • Hi All:

    Patsy, I'm glad the job is well. I have not heard from Yazzo yet. I guess I won't.
    Hi Judy: It took a while to get back on. I could only read. Hope all is well with you. Your grandson has gotten so big.

    I guess we will talk son. Everyone enjoy the 4th and be SAFE................
  • Hi guys
    Glad to see people posting on here!
    Donna, Yaz may still get in touch.
    Give it time. My fingers are crossed.
    I will talk to you soon. Send my love xx
    Hi Judy
    Job is good & right across the street.
    Until I hit the lottery. Lol
    Hi to Bobby & Richard.
    Glad all is well.
    Everyone enjoy your holiday weekend & stay safe.
  • Cuz
    Where are you?
    Will call you over weekend.
  • A Joyous Fourth of July to everyone!
  • Yes enjoy your 4th of July, everyone
    Stay safe!!!