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Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread - Page 66 — Brooklynian

Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread



  • Good morning and a Happy 4th of July to all!

    Sorry that I can not sympathize with the few Soccer fans in the U.S. It is to me the most boring PROFESSIONAL sport there is. School Soccer at any level okay. But to pay and watch nothing happen for a couple of hours is not for me. The NFL and MLB are what I enjoy. That does not mean I find anything wrong with someone else enjoying it.
  • Happy and Safe 4th of July to all. Enjoy the weekend.
    To all July friends
  • Have a great weekend, my friends
    Had a blast at the BBQ yesterday.
    Spent time with family members &
    Friends. :)
  • Good Morning All and a Happy sunday
    Will come back later and read.
    Have not been here for awhile with this crazy computer...
    Love and miss you all..
  • I read a few things quickly..

    So happy you got your old job back Patsy
    Warren  I will keep you in my prayers and Angels all around you  xoxoxo

      good luck to you. New beginnings

    Debbie  Congratulations to your kids on their graduations...Nick is having a few meatballs u there celebrating with Margie and she is having a bingo hot dog.  lol

  • Good Morning All

  • Hey you guys, a new member posted this recently and maybe some of the park slope natives here may be able to remember the location he is talking about:

  • Good morning friends
    Have a great day!!
  • Good Morning All

    Mamacita I don't remember but maybe when Warren comes on he will remember..

  • Hi all. June was a crazy busy month!! Kati graduated from the college of Staten Island and will be attending Hunter college to earn her Masters in Mental Health Counseling. Samantha graduated Ft Hamilton H.S. and will be going to College of Staten Island in September. On top on all that Kati got engaged!! They decided to wait at least 4 yrs so she can finish college. All happy news!!

    Patsy so glad you were able to come and celebrate the graduations with us.

    Terry I laugh every time I think about my dad and the meatballs lol

    Anna guess you're all moved in by now, best of luck.

    Judy hope all is well.

    Warren I'm saying a prayer for you.

    Hi to everyone I missed!!
  • I read a few things quickly..

    So happy you got your old job back Patsy
    Warren  I will keep you in my prayers and Angels all around you  xoxoxo

      good luck to you. New beginnings

  • What the hell the above post???   I wrote that the other day????? Did it ever post???
    Anyway.... Debbie  congratulations on all your family's great news..
    Smart to wait four years but it ios so dam expensive these days to get married...
  • Oh now I see it did post...OMG  this is crazy.  It was in my comment box like I never posted it.  lol
  • Good night Sweet Dreams.  Warren hope u r doing my prayers
  • Good morning friends
    Hi cuz
    Miss you, will call u soon.xx
    Love to my Cuzzies
    Hi Deb
    Will call u soon too
    Just so busy since I'm working
    But it's not a bad gig. Lol
    Warren. Hope all is well.
    Anna how do you like Florida?
    I'm sure everything is going well for you.
    Hi Judy & everyone else.
    Have a great day!!
  • Good Morning All  Have a great day!!!!
  • Good Morning My Cuz i miss you too....Always call my cell I never pick up my messages from my house phone.  Can't remember the
  • Lol cuz xx
    Talk to you soon.
    Goodnight & sweet dreams to all!!
  • Hello All,
    1st of all I want to thank all of you for the well wishes. I will be entering the Hospital shortly for the minimum 3 day evaluation with the heart drug called Tikosyn. I would rather not put on line the exact dates since I have become very security conscious. Saw my Cardiologist for a fleeting moment today and he assured me that I will come through this what ever you want to call it, just fine. He thinks this drug is just what I need to correct some of my remaining heart problems. There was a character on either Jack Benny or Fred Allen's radio program who's last name was Pierce. He used to say to everything "I hope, I hope
    I hope I hope it all works out okay". Without repeating all those hopes I feel the same way.

    The only things I remember at Bartel-Pritchard Square (really a circle) were The Sanders Movie theater, Lewnies Ice Cream Parlor and attached, Lewnies Bar & Grill. Across the street (PPW) was an entrance to Prospect Park. ( there was another Lewnies Ice Cream Parlor on 9th St and PPW. They had a big fresh roasted peanut stand in the store. My Father on occasion would walk me up 9th St and stop at Lewnies. buy a bag of Peanuts and we would sit on a park bench inside the 9th St entrance and feed the Squirrels!) In the middle of BP Square was the big Trolley stop for the McDonald Ave. (Coney Island Trolley) Smith Street Trolley and there was another but I am not sure if it was the 7th Ave Trolley or the Ft Hamilton Pkwy Trolley. The other two corners I am drawing a blank for. There very well could have been a Socony-Mobile gas station with the Pegasus sign. They were all over the place. Remember, Socony stood for Standard Oil Co of NY. I believe they had to spin off Mobil during the Monopoly hearings. How many of you remember "Dino" the Dinosaur on the Sinclair Stations.
  • Hi Warren
    Good luck with the evaluation.
    I'm sure it will all work out fine!!
    I remember the dinosaur b/c I associated it with Dino from the Flintstones. Lol

    Hi all,
    Have a great night!!

  • Hi everyone...  Youtube on the Trolley  ENJOY
  • edited July 2014
    Just read Warren's post
    Will be praying for you everyday
    Warren  the above post has the trolley on Prospect Park West.
  • Good Morning All
    Have a great day
  • Good morning All.....

    Good luck Warren I'll be praying for you.

    Stay cool everyone.....looking forward to the fall lol
  • Hi Everyone,

    Warren.....good luck with your evaluation...let us know how it goes.

    Debbie....Congratulations to Katie on her Engagement!!!!!!

    Hi Patsy, Terry, Donna, Bobby, Prodigalson, Mamacita and Anna

    Have a great weekend....getting ready to have a party in my yard tomorrow for my grandson's 2nd birthday!!!
  • Hi guys
    Judy enjoy!! 2 already!!
    Give him kisses from me.
    Hi to all
    Enjoy your weekend!!
  • good night sweet dreams
    Thinking  and praying for you Warren and hope u r doing good..
  • Good morning, friends
    Beautiful day!! Getting ready to go
    To the dentist. A couple more appointments & I should be done.
    Everyone, enjoy your day!!