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Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread - Page 67 — Brooklynian

Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread



  • Warren is not doing too well! While walking to Walgreens this pick up a prescription, I tripped on a raised slab of sidewalk and fell on my face. I have scrapes & bruises on my hands, knees and chin. My lip is swollen, my teeth punctured my lower lip inside and is oozing blood slowly. I just ate lunch and it hurt like hell. They will get one look at me at the hospital and they will think I was in a fistfight! Oh well, I am still in one piece (I think!)
  • Omg! Warren
    I'm glad you're in 1 piece.
    Please take it easy.
    Hope you heal quickly!!
    Feel better soon :)
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    To Warren
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    Hope you like the card!!
  • Happy Sunday, friends

  • Patsy

    Your grandson to me looks just like your son did when he was little. Love to all.
  • If the picture works, you will see what I looked like this morning as a result of the fall I had on Saturday!DSCN1004
  • Hi Donna
    Yes, Gavin does resemble Jason
    As a baby.
    Hope all is well. Kiss your grandchildren for me & send my love xx
    Will talk to you soon.
  • I made quite a mess of myself!
  • Warren I feel so bad for you!!
    That was some fall.
    Please heal quickly.
    (You're still handsome)
  • Goodnight friends
    Pleasant dreams.
  • Oh Warren, hope you heal soon....take care of yourself

    Patsy....Gavin is getting so cute!!!!!!

    Hi grandson's party went great...lots of friends and family
  • Hi all. In for some rainy weather these next few days.

    Warren...that don't look so good. But thank God you're ok!

    Judy....glad you had a good party!!

    Patsy.... I need to return your coffee urn lol

    Hi Terry Donna and all ❤️
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    OH Dear God Warren

    They are going to think you are a prize fighter.  lol
    Feel Better soon..
    You sure Carol did not beat you up?? lol
  • Hi guys
    Judy, so happy the party went great.
    The weather was nice too.
    Hi to all.
    Going to eat & relax now.
    Warren hope you feel a little better today
    Have a great night
    More rain on the way..
  • Hi friends
    Hope you all have a great day!!
  • Hi all stay dry
  • Good Afternoon All
  • Wow what rain we had for the last two days....finally the sun is out today and it's nice and dry out.

    Warren.....hope your feeling better

    Hi to all....enjoy this beautiful day
  • Good night sweet dreams
  • Happy Birthday Debbie.....have a great one!!!!
  • Happy Birthday, Deb!!
  • Happy birthday Deb
    Good Night Sweet Dreams
    Hope Warren is doing good. 
  • Hi All
    Hope all is well...
  • good night sweet dreams
  • Cuz I will call u on that
  • Good morning, friends
    Happy Saturday.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Yes, Warren we're thinking of you.
  • Hello All, Thank you for the good wishes and prayers. I was in the Hospital a little longer then planned. After checking my EKG's for a couple of days, the DR. decided to change the dosage of the new medication. That meant I had to stay an extra day to observe and decide if the new dosage was good. I was discharged 7:30pm on Thursday. Fortunately a good neighbor from our Independent Living Apts. not only brought Carol to the Hospital in the AM but came back in the evening, took Carol to a Drug Store to get my prescription and then drove us home. Talk about a good neighbor!!!! Happy Birthday to Debbie and any other Birthdays I may have missed.