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  • Good morning all....

    Warren I'm tired just reading all that lol

    Terry lol We'll try but I can't promise!! Hurry back and definitely give Aunt Dee big hugs and kisses xoxo

    Patsy call you later on today

    Judy hope you're feeling better, this damp weather probably doesn't help.

    Anna hope you're relaxing!!
  • Good Morning,

    Warren..glad to see your keeping busy

    Terry...Have a wonderful trip...

    Patsy...hope you are feeling better are you doing

    Anna...Happy Retirement

    Feeling so much better...going to physical therapy twice a week

    Have a great day!!!!
  • good night sweet dreams
  • Good morning friends
    Happy April Fools Day!!
    Weather is nice today, but rain coming
    Over the next few days.
    Hope you all have a great day!!
  • Warm and sunny here in Florida.
    We both are not feeling great but we will be ok
    I think we just need to rest..
    Talk to you al tomorrow,
    Good night sweet dreams
    Patsy give that little cuzzie  of mine a big kiss...
    He is just so cute.  god Bless him
  • Hi Cuzzies
    Feel better & enjoy Fla.
    Love you guys xx
  • Everyone have a great night!!
  • Good morning friends
    Have a great day!
    Enjoy :)
  • Good morning all....

    Terry... I hope you and Mike feel better quick!!

    Judy.... I'm doing good thank God! Glad to hear you're better.

    Patsy.. how's the wrist feeling? 

    Hi to Warren and Anna....

    Have a good day!!
  • Beautiful here today in Florida.  Hit the gym already and now Costco..Beach tomorrow...
    Have a great day.
    Hope Patsy and Judy you both are feeling better..
    Will get to see my childhood friend again this time around.  Maria Torre from 18th street.  Accidentally met her in a restaurant where my cousin was singing here in Florida.  We went to grammar school all the way up to high school and have not seen each other in abut 30 something years or more. Don't remember if I posted this last time when I was here.  Senior moments these days.. 
  • Wrote the above post this morning and I guess i never  hit post comment  lol 
  • Good morning friends
    Hi cuz
    Everyone have a great day!!!
  • Hi Everyone,

    Went back to the surgeon today, he said everything looks good. However, I told him that the tips of my fingers are still somewhat numb, he said it could take up to a year!!!! Or possibly not get full feeling back at all (nice of him to tell me that now). But my fingers were really numb, so they do feel a lot better, so he said that's a good sign and should mean that I will get full feeling back....

    Hope everyone is doing good.
  • Hi all hope all is well
    Beautiful day in florida
  • Good Morning All  Have a Great day.
  • Hi guys
    Rainy & cold today.
    Weekend looks nice though.
    Everyone have a great day!!
  • Has been beautiful here this week. Terry came down at the right time. Terry, I sent you an e-mail a little while ago. Judy. how are you going to count your change at the store with your fingertips numb???Just kidding. I am sure it will all work out just fine. Patsy, how is your wrist feeling? Anna, start counting the days and figure out what you want to bring with you. That includes your sweaters for the cool days and your bikini for the hot days. Debbie, stay healthy. A lot of injuries up there! Last Tuesday I monitored the services I will be conducting in 2 nursing homes/Assisted Living. It is sad to see the condition (mental & physical) of some of the people. A service like the ones I saw and will conduct shortly is something those people really need and want. This Sunday I will be conducting (along with some help) a Communion service here at our place. I am glad I can be of some use to my fellow residents. Okay, Carol wants to do a little shopping while our housekeeper finishes cleaning up our apartment. It is really amazing when you consider that many of our Grandparents came over here from Europe as Indentured maids/housekeepers and now we have one that comes in once a week!!!!
  • Hi everyone-thanks for the well wishes-...only a week but I'm enjoying my retirement..been out everyday-visiting a girlfriend for lunch, running errands, did some shopping, i'm loving every minute of it!  Warren-I don't think I'd better bring a bikini down to Florida-Florida may never be the same!!!!! thanks for the advice and glad you're keeping busy..Judy & Patsy-hope u both recover soon..Hi Debbie-have a great day Hi Debbie..and Terry-enjoy the Florida weather! brother said the house is going to be started next week...and I'm on baby watch too...Jessica had to go on maternity leave and could go in labor within the next couple of I'll be pretty busy...enjoy your weekend everybody-talk to u soon..............
  • Hi Anna,Warren, Patsy and All
    I will check my email  Warren.  Went to Pier 60 today to see the sand sculptors
  • Good afternoon friends
    Weather is nice today
    Going shopping & out to
    Dinner with hubby tonite
    Enjoy your day!!
  • Good Night Sweet dreams
  • Good Morning All
    Have a great Sunday
    Looks like the weather is going to be nice in New York this week  Enjoy it..
  • Good morning friends
    Happy Sunday!
    Weather is beautiful
  • Good morning friends
    Enjoy your day!!
  • Good Morning Cuz and All
    Have a great day
    Hope you are feeling better with your wrist. xoxoxo
    xoxoxo to my Cuzzie Gavin
  • Good Morning All,
    Carol & I served Communion yesterday here at our place. Tomorrow I will again monitor the two Nursing Home services that I went to last week. The next two weeks I will be conducting them with the help of a key board player and a leader for the singing.
    Easter Sunday I will be giving the sermon here at our service and at another Independent Living place. It is a special joy to see the faces of people, many of whom would not get to Church were it not for the on site services the group I am working with presents.

    Terry came to Florida at the right time. It was a beautiful week last week and yesterday and today look great! Tonight and tomorrow we expect heavy rain storms but considering a full week of good weather, that's not too bad.
  • Morning all....

    Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful day!!

    Can you all please keep my mother in law in your prayers, she's having surgery on Wednesday.  Her breast cancer has come back and I'm worried about her.  Thank you <3
  • Hi Deb
    I said prayers
    Love ya xx
  • Hi Debbie,

    We will certainly pray for your Mother In Law. Carol & I are both Cancer survivors and we know how we feel when we wait for test results. We pray for good surgery results and a complete remission of the Cancer.
  • Hi all
    Cuz. Hope you guys are having fun
  • Cuz
    Gavin sends back xxooxxox
  • Good night sweet dreams
  • Done Debbie Praying right now.  Hope all goes well
  • Good morning friends
    Rainy day but warm.
    Enjoy your day!!
  • Rainy here in florida
    Have a great day everyone...
  • Hi cuz
    Weather turned out to be really nice today.
    Right now in 60's.
    Kisses to Cuzzie Mike xx
    Send Cuzzies Geri & John my love.
  • Hi Everyone,

    Debbie ..will be praying for your mother-in-law...hope she's ok is your grandson doing....try and post some pics..

    Hi Warren, Terry and Anna

    Have a good night
  • Good night sweet dreams
  • Good Morning my friends.
    It is going to be warmer in NY than Florida today I think
  • One cold wintry Sunday many years ago, three brothers in Brooklyn, Park Slope to be exact, awoke very early, just before dawn. The oldest Brother had a Brooklyn Eagle Newspaper delivery route. The papers had arrived and were ready to be delivered. (After some insertion work). The two younger brothers took one look at the snow and ice outside and objected vehemently to assisting the oldest brother with his route. By this time, Mom was awake and told us in no uncertain terms that we WERE going to help oldest brother with his route. When Mom said something, it was the final word. After dressing warmly as possible, off went the three brothers with a sled full of papers. While we lived on 12th Street, the route was mostly in Windsor Terrace. After many arguments and ½ hour later we started delivering to the assigned houses. The route finished up on 8th Ave just below Bartel-Pritchard Square. On the way home I (the youngest) added several cuss words to my vocabulary from the exchanges between my two oldest brothers. All was fine with the world when we arrived home and our Mom had hot chocolate and crumb cake awaiting us. My two older brothers are gone now. How I wish I still had them to remind them of that Icy day.

    Cherish every moment with your loved ones. Remember, we are all here temporarily and it is best to keep those close to you in your heart!
  • Good morning all

    Beautiful out today. Cleaned up the porch and put up my table and umbrella and had coffee out there. Love it.

    Thanks for praying, I should hear something soon. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Warren what a great story.
  • Hi guys
    Warren you made me cry. :(
    So right. Cherish all the memories
    Beautiful weather again.
    Hi all enjoy your day!!
  • Good afternoon friends
    Beautiful weather.
    My daughter Toniann is 19 today,
    How time flies.
    Hope you all have a great day!!
  • Beautiful story Warren

    Happy Birthday Toniann...

    Good Night
  • Good morning friends
    Thanx Judy
    Everyone, enjoy your day!!
  • Good morning friends
    Happy Saturday
  • Good morning friends
    Happy Palm Sunday
  • Happy Palm Sunday...

    What a beautiful day out!!!!!!
  • Good Morning All
    Hope everyone is doing great
  • Good morning friends
    Enjoy your day!!
  • "Happy Passover" to my Jewish relatives & friends.
    Enjoy your holiday. Xx
  • Hi Everyone-talk about this crazy weather!!! it was 80 on Saturday-went to Jessica's house for dinner on Sat. .. looked out my window-it's snowing out right now-getting about a half an inch tonite..this is nuts!!!  LOL..starting to declutter my apt..still loving retirement..I have so much time to do more things during the day!  meeting friends for lunch, running errands that I would have to wait to do over the weekend-can't get any better than this..except-still on baby watch..Jessica is due in 2 weeks but the doctor said she could give birth any day now..very excited!!  well take care everybody-will talk to u soon....Hi to Patsy, Judy, Warren, Debbie and Terry..........Patsy-still watching DWTS?   
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    Hi Anna
    Loving Dwts this year!!
    Love this group of stars & I loved the switch in partners. Max is a hunk, but i do love Val & Danica.
    & I love Derek with Amy Purdy.
    Enjoy your retirement & keep posting.
    We are getting a lot of rain here tomorrow with rumors of light dusting snow
    Enjoy your night!!
  • Easter week brings back so many fond memories of growing up in the slope.
    A new Easter Suit at Belmont's or A&S. Getting ready to color the eggs, the Easter Cross in Prospect Park, singing Easter Hymns in Church, buying a Chocolate Bunny for my Mom and then eating most of it ourselves, getting Palms in Church on Palm Sunday and then making lapel crosses out of them. What a great place to grow up!!!!
  • Oh yes Warren
    New outfit
    When little girls wore hats, dresses, gloves and a pocketbook
    Delicious  REAL chocolate bunnies.
    The smell of live pants brings me back to the 1950's when my Dad would sell plants outside his business to make extra money.
    Palm sunday when we would exchange palm with our family. (I think an Italian tradition not sure)
    When Families lived all in the same neighborhood and had Easter dinner together. Now kids are all over and lucky if u see them. 

    Great time to grow up and Great memories I cherish always...

    thanks for reminding me Warren  xoxoxo
  • good night sweet dreams
  • Good Morning All
    Have a great Day

  • Good morning friends
    Warren, I miss those days!!
    They were the best..
    Hi cuz xx
    Everyone, enjoy your day
  • Hi Anna
    Dwts Disney night was great
    I loved every minute of it
    Peta & James deserved the 40 points.
    They were amazing!!
    Kudos to Peta for that choreography.
    But I still love Val & Danica the most.
  • Good Morning All
    Have a great Day
    OMG  I never hit post comment  lol  (this morning) 
  • Good morning friends
    "Happy Birthday" cuz.
    Enjoy your day!!


    Everyone, have a great Day!!
  • Good morning friends
    Tried to get on last night & couldn't
    Debbie couldn't either
    Cuz I don't need you to send me the
    Thanx anyway
    Hope you enjoyed your birthday
    Everyone have a great day!
    My cuz Stepjanie is coming to visit with us today & especially to see Gavin.
    Enjoy!! :)
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    Good Morning All
    Have a great Day
  • Good morning All
    thanks for the call and the post for my birthday Patsy

    Could not get on last night
  • Good Morning,

    Warren..yes miss the old days....we try to keep most of the traditions, but it still feels different

    Patsy...enjoy your grandsons First Easter....say hello to Stephanie for me

    Terry...Hope you had a great birthday!!!!

    Anna..glad your enjoying your retirement....good luck to your daughter.

    Have a great day !!!!
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    Terry, Hope you had a great Birthday. Hitting 25 aint so bad, is it?
    Judy, One thing I forgot to list about Easter was the aroma of Hot Cross buns baking at the neighborhood bakery. When you get them today, they just do not smell or taste the same!!!! Anna, about 6 months from now, if you get the urge to go back to work, Fight it off. If you have to get out and do something, do some volunteer work.
    I still have some pictures of my children dressed up for Easter with all new clothes. One Easter Sunday, when my oldest son was about 3 years old, we dressed him up with new pants and a jacket and a fedora. . He fell down the front steps and tore out the knee on the pants before we even got to Church.

    Patsy, just think, 20 years from now our kids will be talking about "The good old days". Debbie, Hope your Mother in Law got real good news.

    I will be preaching a sermon in two places Easter Sunday but I won't have an "Easter Bonnet" on.
  • You know the one thing I always remember is the chocolate cross with jelly beans.......I went crazy looking for any type of chocolate cross, they are not easy to find
  • Cousin Ralphie and Rosa are making the pies.  I think of Umbria around this time.  He would be making the Easter pies.  I still have his recipe.  Miss u Umbria and your pain in the ass music. lol
  • Judy we were just talking about that.  The delicious solid and I mean solid cross from Lofts...OMG  wish I had one right now fat ass and all. lol
  • Good Night sweet dreams all'
    A blessed Holy Thursday
  • Good Morning
    A rainy, gloomy day her in Florida
    This is how I always remember Good Friday.
    Just a reminder of how sad a day it is in our religion.
    Remember years ago you never picked up a broom on Good Friday???
    Wow have things changed.
    Feeling a little guilty about going to the gym
    I hear My Mother yeling from u there. lol

  • Good afternoon friends
    Chilly here in good old Brooklyn
    But not too bad
    Hi Judy
    Yes Gavin's 1st Easter
    We bought him stuffed animals
    Baskets with his name on them & some
    Little musical toys
    Not that he knows the difference lol
    Enjoy your Easter with Sal & your family
    Warren your right
    The kids will call these the good old days in 20 yrs. little do they know, we have bragging rights to the real good old days!!
    Everyone enjoy your day!!
  • Hi-just wanted to wish everyone Happy Easter!  Going to Easter brunch with some friends tomorrow to the Cheesecake Factory (don't know if u have one back east)  then Easter brunch with the family on Sunday...going to be in the 70's  this weekend.'s about time!!!  enjoy Easter everyone!!!  Bye
  • case I get busy tomorrow cooking and getting ready for Sunday, I just want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter...have a wonderful day with family and friends....
  • My grandson Salvatore coloring eggs with his Mom

  • Good night sweet dreams
  • OMG Judy he got so big and so adorable he is.  time is moving tooooo ast for me.

  • Good Morning A Blessed Holy Saturday
  • I wish you all a healthy, happy, worship filled Easter. Let none of us forget the true meaning of his resurrection day. To our Jewish friends, I hope your Passover is filled with joy. I was fortunate enough to have the local Rabbi come to the Sunday School Class Carol & I taught years ago in NJ. We had a Seder and he described the meaning of all the foods and customs to our Sunday School children (and US). Can you imagine what a wonderful world this would be if everyone respected others cultures and beliefs!!!! Happy Easter.
  • Good morning friends
    "Happy Easter"
    Enjoy & let us remember what this holiday is all about.
    Judy, Sal is a doll
    Enjoy Easter with him
    Weather is beautiful today
  • Warren...when my kids went to CCD (religion) we hosted a Seder, it was really nice to see other religions and their customs

    Have a wonderful Easter!!!!!
  • My Grandsons Easter picturesimage
  • Just beautiful Judy...
  • Good night sweet dreams
    Hope Peter Rabbit treas you all good tonight...
    Yes Warren
    e must remember the true meaning of Easter.
    Jesus died for us and our sins and tomorrow morning we all should rejoice for he will have risen...
    I guess I did learn some things teaching CCD for 26 years...Happy Easter Tomorrow to all my friends from Park slope and all on Brooklynian
    Happy Easter Mamacita wherever u are.
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  • Aww, thanks Tbone! Happy Easter everyone!!

  • hi everyone hope all our doing o.k.happy easter to everyone and there familys.take one day at a time,and do the best you can,take care bobby c
  • Happy Easter!! Hope everyone had a great day.

    Judy your grandson and your daughter are just beautiful!!

    Patsy hope Gavin enjoyed his first Easter.

    Terry enjoying Florida? You better be home in time for our next shopping day lol

    Warren what a wonderful world indeed. If only!

    Anna how was the Cheesecake Factory? I know they have them in NJ but haven't seen it here in NY.

    Happy Easter Bobby and mamacita!!

    Thanks for all the prayers my mother in law is doing great.
  • Hellooooooooo Mamacita  I love Doris Day
    Hi bobby
    Good night Sweet dreams
  • Happy Easter everyone..hope u had a great day today..77 degrees & sunny..can't ask for anything more after the brutal winter we've had!  Judy your daughter & grandson are beautiful..went to lunch Saturday but Debbie I thought it was overrated and overpriced...still on baby watch...went to brunch today with the kids and Justin...Jessica looks like she's going to pop any minute..her contractions are 10 minutes apart so I think if she lasts until Wednesday when I take her to the doctor, I have a feeling she'll be ready then...I'm so excited-just can't wait!!  Debbie-glad your MIL is okay...Patsy-hope Gavin had a great time today  Hi to Terry and Warren  (heard you had bad storms down there the other day-hope you & Carol are okay)...well good night............
  • Good Morning All
  • Good morning friends
    "Happy Easter" enjoy & rejoice

    Judy the pix are beautiful
    Crystal looks beautiful
    Sal is a handsome little man
    Everyone have a great holiday
  • Good night sweet dreams
    Tomorrow i will see Geraldine Galiardi and  Flossy Catalano A mini reunion with Ralph Suarato also
  • Good Morning and Happy Earth Day 2014
  •  Anna.......Was a tornado watch saturday I think while we were driving but did not get hit hard just lots of rain in Saint Petersberg
  • Good morning friends
    "Happy Easter" enjoy & rejoice

    Judy the pix are beautiful
    Crystal looks beautiful
    Sal is a handsome little man
    Everyone have a great holiday
  • Good morning friends
    "Happy Easter" enjoy & rejoice

    Judy the pix are beautiful
    Crystal looks beautiful
    Sal is a handsome little man
    Everyone have a great holiday
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