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  • I know what you mean about the ghost writers. Patterson is a great writer alone
    Only he knows why he chooses to write with someone else??
    Maybe for more ideas for the story?
    Who knows? But I do love his books!
    Enjoy your night!!
  • Just came from the Cardiologist office. I left my Cardiologist talking to himself. My EKG today showed that I am still in A-Flutter despite the Cardioversion I had last Friday. We will go back to screwing around with my medications to see if that helps. I have already had several different heart meds, Ablation Surgery, Cardio Catheritization, a pacemaker, & last week the Cardioversion. Beginning to think I am just meant to have abnormal heart rhythm.
  • Okay folks. I have been known to talk to myself at times but I entered the last post on Oct 9. Today is the 15th. Lets liven things up a bit folks!!!!
  • Hi Everyone,

    Looks like its been very quite on here.

    Warren...hope you are feeling better....take care of that heart of yours!!!

    Hello to everyone else.

    Have a great weekend....
  • Wow where is everyone?????

    Enjoy your day!!!'
  • Judy, I am asking myself the same question. Where is everyone? For quite some time, Patsy was on just about every day. Hope she is okay! Anna is busy settling in in Florida. Terry, Deb, and others are also amongst the missing!
  • I know...I am going to email Patsy, it's not like her to miss so many days. are you feeling?
  • Thanks for asking Judy. Up until noon today I was feeling pretty good despite my ticker and other problems. Then I got feeling very exhausted. Took my B.P. at 3:30 and I was having a spike much higher then usual. Since I had taken my BP medicine at 3pm it concerned me so I called my Cardiology office and got some instructions. Guess I will survive this too. Not the first time this has happened.
  • Warren...I know it must be very frustrating to get your meds regulated....hang in there.

    Spoke to Patsy, she is having trouble getting on the blog....she is waiting to hear from Admin.
  • Had such a problem getting on here!! Anyway been so busy shopping and running around. Meeting so many people from NY,NJ area. Getting cooler here. In the morning it's 60 but 85 by the afternoon. My son is coming down Thanksgiving week. Looks like everyone is busy and the holidays are coming fast. Will try to get on soon. Hope everyone is doing well. Talk to u soon. Bye
  • Hi Anna....seems like you are finally getting settled.....Have a wonderful time with the family

    Warren.....hope your feeling better

    I guess Patsy is still having trouble getting on.
  • Hello All who can get on here. I am feeling so-so these days. Achy and exhausted even if I do not do anything. Such is life! Finished a few more Patterson books. BURN-not bad, ZOO- terrible. I did not even finish it, TOYS- okay if you like Science Fiction. That is my book report for today.
    Watched Kansas City whoop the Giants last night. Hope KC wins it all. Not because I am particularly a KC fan, but the Giants have won it plenty of times. Time to give a small area a break. Anna- watch the sunburn, even on the cool days. Judy, looks like we have to hold the blog together till others can get on!
  • Hi Warren...hope things start to look up regarding your health.

    I wonder why everyone is having so much trouble getting on the blog

    Have a great day
  • hi everyone hope all our o.k. were doing fine thank god.i fell this is too important to not be passed along,this was givin to us,and we are just telling everyone we know.again were not preaching just passing this everyone we know.if you get a chance and if you are a program called {know the cause}its on my time warner ch-91 from monday-friday at 8 or 8.30 am and 8 pm est.if you don,t have cable you can watch it on line.again a hope all is well everyone and only if you are interested,take one day at a time,and do the best you can,take care bobbyc p.s everyone have a safe and happy halloween to all
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    Yay I'm back on!!
    Thank you administrator & Mamacita!
    You guys are the best!!!!
  • Hi Warren, Judy Bobby & Anna
    Hope everyone is feeling good!
    I missed my blog family xx
    So happy to be back on.. :)
    Looking forward to Halloween with my grandson ( it's his first)
    I will post pix .
    He's getting so big & what a doll!!
    Everyone, have a great night & c u tomorrow!!
  • Oh well this picture is sideway
  • Good Morning

    Welcome back Patsy, you were missed....Gavin is getting so big, he is adorable

    Hi Warren, Anna and Bobby

    Have a great day
  • Thanx Judy!!!
    Hope all is well
    Everyone have a nice day!!
  • Hi Patsy, good to have you back. Judy and I tried to keep things going but you were sorely missed. I am getting along fairly well. My biggest problem now is complete exhaustion. Believe it is a combination of the shots I get in the can for the Prostate and the heart & blood pressure pills.

    Still reading Patterson but some of his books do not live up to the rep he has. I still like the Cross & Michael Bennet books. As I said in an earlier post. The worst one was ZOO. I did not even finish that bummer. Burn is pretty good. Toys is okay if you dig Science Fiction. Turning cold here in Florida. They expect temps in the 40's by tomorrow AM.
  • Hi all
    Marathon Sunday!!
    I watch it live from the corner of where I live.
    Pretty windy out, but a nice day for the runners.
    Warren, I just borrowed Burn from the library. Will start it after I finish the book I am reading now. I read Zoo & thought it not great, but I did finish it.
    Hope you feel better & get some of your strength back.
    Everyone have a great day!
    I am making a big pot of homemade chicken soup with potatoes & other vegetables.
    Good day for it!
    C u all, soon :)
  • Good morning, friends
    My grandson Gavin as a skunk on
    Halloween. Too cute!!

    Had no clue what was going on. Lol
    Everyone enjoy your day!!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Patsy....Gavin is so adorable, getting so big.

    Warren...hope you are well

    Hello to everyone else

    Have a great day
  • Hi guys
    Enjoy your evening.
    I am relaxing with a good book.
  • Hi guys
    Rainy day today.
    Hope everyone is warm & dry.
    Warren, hope you're okay.
    Everyone, enjoy your evening!
  • Hi Judy
    Thanx.. Gavin is getting too big too
    Quickly. (God Bless)
    You know how that goes.
    Say hello to Bobby for me.

  • Glad to see you back Patsy, have a great upcoming weekend everyone.
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    Hi Mamacita
    Thanx good to be back on!!
    You enjoy your weekend too!!
  • Hi
    Where is everyone?
    Have a great day!!
  • Hey Patsy, I am here watching the Giants. Believe it or not they are leading at 1/2 time!!!!! By the way. I am reading another Patterson book that is weird. It is called Jester. I think I will try to stick to his Cross, Bennett and Murder Club books. This is the second one that I may not even finish. Very gory and dumb.
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    We need more people to come on & post.
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    Hi Warren
    I read Jester a long time ago.
    It was so so.
    We are Giants fans in my house.
    Well except my daughter Natalie.
    She used to be, but her hubby Is a Jets fan, so she jumped ship a few years
    Hope you're feeling better.
    Say hi to Carol.
    Talk to you, soon.
  • Hi Patsy and are you doing?

    Have a good night
  • Wow where is everyone??????

    Well had our first taste of snow last night.....just a dusting for us...looked really pretty coming down last night, but glad it was all gone by morning.

    Have a great weekend.....
  • Hi Judy
    No snow here. Maybe mixed in with rain
    I love the snow!
    Waiting for a nice snow storm...
    Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
  • Hello All. Quite cold here in Sunny Florida this morning. They are predicting even colder this coming week. You have to understand. 40's here is freezing!
    Patsy, I just finished Patterson's "Twelfth of Never" and "Private LA". Both good.

    Judy & Patsy-Keep your snow. That is what I moved to Florida to get away from.
    Just had a lousy couple of days but I am feeling much better this A.M. As I said before, my cardiologists do not know what to do with me. Carol has had Migraines galore lately. Okay today! I do not miss the snow but I do miss 5th Avenue every Christmas Season. They decorate here but they can not match the Holiday Spirit of the Slope.
  • Hi Warren
    Glad you're doing well.
    Keep it going.
    I read twelfth of never
    As a matter of fact I read all 12 from that series. I am going to get from library soon or download on my nook "Unlucky 13"
    Did not read Private LA yet.
    Will do soon. Btwn library books & downloading on my nook, I have too many books to read.
    But, I'm not complaining.
    Love to read.
    Enjoy your weekend & stay well.
  • Gavin's first birthday photo
    He'll be 1in a few weeks.
    How time flies!!
  • Hey Patsy,
    I was 1 at one time also but on Friday I will be much older!!!!
  • Hello....its been a long time
  • Patsy...Gavin is adorable
  • 10460787_10203352339203453_6547246333608526785_n
    Some of you might remember me looking like this......long, long ago

  • Sitting in with with Al Capara and the Bell Bottom Blues

  • Sitting in with my good friend, Joe Orlando and the Cryers

  • Sitting in with The Peter Stevens Band
  • Hi everyone-holidays coming fast. My son will be here Thanksgiving week-taking me over to Ft.Lauderdale & Miami one day. Then to Sanibel & Ft.Myers Beach another day. Going to the clubhouse for Thanksgiving dinner. Have my ticket ready for 2 weeks at Christmas. Cold front coming thru tonite (63 degrees) but 80 during the day....I'll take it!!! My brother's family will be here for Christmas & New Year's so it works out fine. Happy Birthday to my son Joe who was 37 last Friday!! Wishing everyone great Thanksgiving with family and to everyone soon!!!
  • Hello, This part of Florida (Tampa Bay) including Tampa, St Petersburg & surrounding areas will be much colder. They are talking 30's to 40's before the week is out. There will be no swimming in the Gulf this week!
  • Hi guys
    Glad to see you on here!!
    I owe you a call. Still love ya lots.
    Will call you soon!!
    Anna have a great Thanksgiving
    Enjoy your trip & your family,
    Happy B/day to your son.
    Hi Warren & Judy
    Hope all is well with you guys.
    C u all soon.
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    Hi guys
    Happy Wednesday
    Freezing here
    Stay warm!!
  • Hi Patsy......well at least we are not in Buffalo 0e15bd5d87841506e4e9e8048616849c11
  • verrazano_sunset_by_bluephoenix_ra-d4hxth7

    50 Years old on Thursday.......$15.00 Toll and rising.....I guess its still not paid off yet...!!!
  • Good Morning,

    Joe..nice to see you back on is everything?

    Hi Patsy, Warren, Debbie and Anna...have a great day!!!!!
  • Hey Pinto, I am going to be 81 tomorrow and I am still not paid off either!
    Cold as a --- okay, I can not say that on here! Last two days have been very UN-Florida like. The only consolation is we do not get the snow. Been conversing with the Cleveland Clinic this week. Considered them for a second opinion on my heart problems. They are rated very high in heart treatments. I got a booklet from them on Arithmia problems and they do the same type treatments for A-Fib that my Doctors have been doing. I would have to drive across the state for their exam and opinion, but if their treatment options are the same as I am getting here, why bother.
  • Hi all
    Joebro!! Glad to see you on here!'
    I owe you a call. It's been a while.
    Still love ya lots xx
    Will call you soon
    Hi Anna
    Enjoy your thanksgiving.
    Happy b/day to your son.
    Hi Judy, & Warren
    Hope all is well!
    C u all soon
  • Hi guys
    The above reposted??
    Happy belated birthday Warren.
    Hope you enjoyed your day.
    Hi all
    Spent Friday night at Mildred's
    Came home last night
    We spent all day Saturday shopping at
    The mall in jersey & went to the cheesecake factory restaurant in the mall
    Had a lot of fun.m
    We went to my cuz Terry's Friday night
    Nice jewelry party. Bought a really nice pair of earrings.
    Ok gotta go.
    C u all soon.
  • Hi joebro
    Cannot believe they want to raise the tolls
    again & train & bus fare,
    Say hello to Stacy & kids
    Talk to you soon xx

  • Hi all
    Joebro!! Glad to see you on here!'
    I owe you a call. It's been a while.
    Still love ya lots xx
    Will call you soon
    Hi Anna
    Enjoy your thanksgiving.
    Happy b/day to your son.
    Hi Judy, & Warren
    Hope all is well!
    C u all soon
  • WTF?? Lol
    Same post 3 times
    Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying their
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    Happy Belated Birthday Warren....hope you had a good one.

    Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!!!!
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    Hi all
    Have a great Thanksgiving
    Enjoy family & friends.
    Mamacita, administrator & all behind the scenes, enjoy your holiday!!

  • Happy Thanksgiving Week !!

  • Hello All, Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! We will be having Dinner here at The Courtyards Dining Room. We will be joined at our table by another couple that we knew before we moved here. The only bad part about Thanksgiving Dinner away from a home cooked dinner is the lack of leftovers. I love a Turkey & Stuffing sandwich with Cranberry sauce the day after. On the plus side we did not have to shop for food, we will not be cooking all day or cleaning up afterwards.
    Boy, Christmas is getting pushed earlier & earlier every year. I would not be surprised next year if the stores have their Christmas Trees & Decorations out on Labor Day.

    I will be watching some football but with my Giants out of contention for the playoffs, it will be not as interesting for me. My Birthday last week was fine. Thank you for the BDay wishes.
  • Happy thanksgiving to all!!
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    Thanks! Hope you all had a great holiday! Gobble Gobble!
  • Hi. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Now the mad rush to get ready for Christmas...

    Enjoy the weekend
  • Hi all
    Hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving
    We decorated in & out yesterday & finished today Christmas decorating
    I downsized to a 3 1/2 ft tree ( something I wanted to do for the past few years)it sits
    On my window seat & I put it on top of a blanket of snow with the manger & some holiday mini beanie babies, etc
    It came out really pretty
    So much less work for us.
    I decorated the mantel over the fireplace & I did dining room & it all looks very Christmassy. Very happy with it all! Ok going out now with hubby to celebrate my
    Birthday! 62 yrs young.
    Where did the time go??
    Everyone, enjoy your night!

  • Hey Patsy, Happy Birthday! Just a word of advice. From here on the time goes even faster so enjoy every minute....
    We started a bit of decorating but now have to drag the tree & all the deco's from the storage room down the hall. I started writing my cards but have a long ways to go. Judy you are right. After Thanksgiving it becomes a mad rush to get everything done for Christmas. Decorating, Writing cards, Shopping Oh Brother!
    As I said in an earlier post. They do decorate the shopping areas here, but I still miss the trimmings on 5th Avenue!!!!
  • Hi guys
    Happy Sunday.
    Hey Warren,
    Yes 5th ave was a beautiful sight at
    Christmas time.
    Unfortunately, most things today are not as
    Nice as days past.
    Making a pan of baked ziti today.
    & need to do some food shopping.
    See you all, later & have a great day!

  • Patsy....HAPPY BIRTHDAY...hope you had fun

    My son and husband took advantage of the warm weather yesterday and put all the lights outside up....didn't start the inside yet.

    Have a great is very mild out again today
  • Hi guys
    Thanx Judy!!
    Isn't it nice when all the decorations are
    Now shopping & cooking ahead..

    It was a nice b/day
    Gavin will be 1 on Sunday
    His party is tomorrow
    We rented a space
    Elmo is coming
    he loves Elmo.
    We hired a DJ
    Catered food
    Should be a nice party!
    Everyone have a great weekend!!

  • My daughter Natalie made this cupcake & took this photo at home.
    Gavin's "1st birthday smash cake photo"
    Something new moms do now.
    So I've been told.
  • Happy 1st Birthday to Gavin

    Yea Patsy that what new moms do now.....but your daughter saved a lot of money by doing it herself...and the pictures are adorable!!!!

    Putting up my tree tomorrow......that's an all day project..

    Have a great weekend everyone!!!!
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    Happy 1st Birthday Gavin

  • Thanx Judy!!
    That's why I downsized my tree.
    Lots of work..
    Have fun!!
  • Hello All, This been quite a week. Good & Bad. Giants finally won a game. I came down with something Saturday evening and it only got worse on Sunday. Carol & I were scheduled to offer communion and I had to back off I felt so lousy. Went to the Doctor this morning. They could not pin my problems on any particular thing so they are treating the symptoms. Meclazine for the light headedness, Tylenol for the Headaches, Imodium for the runs and continue with all the medications I am currently taking.

    My Daughter and her Husband traveled down to NC where they are having a House built for their retirement in a couple of years. They used to co-own a condo apartment in the same area. It is right on a golf course and the Inter Coastal waterway. They bought the property several years ago. I hope I feel better tomorrow so I can help Carol put the decoration Boxes back in our Storage Room down the hall. We've got the tree and several other decorations up already and Carol set up her table with a village of houses and people.
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    Hi friends
    Warren, hope you feel better soon!
    Good luck to your daughter & s.i.l.
    On their new home.
    Very exciting!
    Everyone, have a good day!
    Torrential rain here.
    Stay dry!!
  • Hi Everyone,

    Finally finished decorating the house

    Warren....hope you feel better..could it possibly be the flu, they are saying even if you got the flu shot it may not work with this year's strain.

    Patsy, how are you and Gino doing?
  • Hi everyone- Happy Belated Birthday Patsy & Warren-. My son was here for Thanksgiving and it was cold here! Getting ready to go back to Chicago for 2 weeks and will be there for Brandon's christening. Perfect timing! Will be back on Jan. 4. My brother's family will be here at that time so he won't be alone for the holidays! Got the house decorated. Will get gifts for the grandkids when I get up there. Went to doctor today for chronic back pain & shoulder pain-going for MRI Saturday-sucks to get old Lol. Happy Holidays!!! Talk to you soon. Patsy-Gavin is adorable! Brandon is crawling, has 3 teeth now & trying to stand up-left Chicago when he was 2 months old now almost 8 months old already where does the time go&. Ttyl
  • Hi guys!!
    Judy we're all doing fine,
    Send my love to all on your end xx
    Hi Anna
    You've been quite busy. Hope you feel better. It does suck getting older, but we make the best of it.
    Cold up here in the 30's past few days.
    Waiting for snow!
    Congrats on Brandon's christening.
    Everyone, enjoy your weekend!
    Warren, hope all is well.
  • Happy Sunday, friends,
    In NJ at Mildred's.
    We shopped in 2 different malls yesterday
    Got alot done as far as Christmas gifts
    Just finished breakfast & going shopping
    Again & than home to Brooklyn.
    I can't believe Christmas is almost here!
    Enjoy your day, everyone!!
  • Hello All. Still fighting whatever I picked up. Now I am on anti-biotics as well as MucinexDM. Ring the bells. The Giants won!!! Talk about cold. It had been freezing in this part of Florida for a couple of days now. Low 40's and high 30's are not good in Florida Brrrrr!
  • Greetings from St Paul where the temps are in the 40s.

    Just stopping by to say Go Giants and,

    Happy Chanukkah!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Hope everyone is doing good.

    Happy Chanukkah to all my Jewish friends
  • Hi guys
    Happy Chanukah to all who celebrate!
    Hi to my blog family.
    Hope everyone is well.
    Warren, hope you're doing better by now.
    Yes, Go Giants!!
    Have a great night everyone!!
  • Hello All, Thanks for the concern about my health. I am feeling a great deal better and we are finally catching up on Holiday preparations. This Sunday, Dec 21 I will be taking part in our Christmas Service here at the Courtyards. It is a non-denominational Christian Service so most can enjoy and participate. We will be reading the Christmas story from the Bible and singing Carols. Happy Chanukah to all our Jewish friends.
  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm sure everyone is busy with all Christmas preparations, very busy time of the year. Hope all is well. glad you are feeling better.

    Have a great weekend
  • Hi guys
    Warren, glad you're feeling better!
    Hi Judy,
    Yes always busy.
    Almost done with gifts but will go
    Food shopping tomorrow for Xmas eve &?day!! Was invited to dinner both days, but
    We like staying home for the holiday & cooking for family & friends.
    No place like home for the holidays is
    So true.
    Everyone have a great weekend.

  • I wrote this and logged it last year or the year before. I think it is worth repeating:Hello,
    The following story was written by me. While the concept behind it is old, I copied from no one.


    (To keep all lawyers happy I will admit that much of this story is adapted from different author’s writings. I especially pay homage to Matthew, Mark Luke & John who gave us the original.)

    Little Johnny came to his father in early December and said ”Daddy, some of the boys in my class said Santa is make believe and a fake!” I told them that I would ask you and then I would know the truth. Well Daddy, what is the truth.

    Son, first let me ask you if you enjoy giving gifts to people at Christmas time. Well yes Johnny said, I like the look in their eyes and the happiness in their face when they open them. I know I made someone happy. Son, the beginning of the Christmas story started in a stable over 2000 years ago. The baby Jesus was born and people came from far & wide to pay homage to him. Three kings came and brought gifts of Gold and precious fragrances . Gift giving started way back then. Some time later people began giving gifts to each other to show their love and gratitude to others. In different countries the one in charge of the gift giving was called different names. There was St. Nicholas, Father Christmas and many others including Santa Claus. Now Mommy & Daddy know that Santa has an awfully big task to get all the presents that people want all in one night, Christmas eve. So Mommies & Daddies all over the world pitch in and buy gifts and become Santa’s helpers.

    It is easy to say, like your friends, no, there is no Santa. But the spirit of Christmas has prevailed for over those 2000 years since Jesus was born. I for one am not going to take the chance of saying that spirit does not exist because I want to wake up on Christmas morning and find many of the gifts I hoped for!

  • hi everyone hope all is well,wanted to say merry christmas and happy new year and happy holiday to one and all.may you all find your happiness and all be healthy.and everyones wishes come true.enjoy the holidays and unwrap each day as a precious gift.and take the time to shake a veterans hand,and be proud of the land on which you stand.god bless all american veterans/citizens. take one day at a time and do the best you can  bobby c
  • Hi Everyone,

    Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful and safe 2015!!!!

    Bobby...nice to hear from you

  • Hi guys
    Merry Christmas & a healthy & prosperous New Year!!
    Everyone, enjoy!!
  • Mamacita & all who keep us on this blog,
    Have a great Christmas & New Year!
  • Hi friends
    Hope everyone had a safe & healthy
    Went food shopping today for New Years day.
    Having a house full of company.
    Should be fun.
    I want to wish everyone a Happy & Prosperous New Year!
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