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  • Good night sweet dreams
  • Happy Birthday Debbie.....have a great one!!!!
  • Happy Birthday, Deb!!
  • Happy birthday Deb
    Good Night Sweet Dreams
    Hope Warren is doing good. 
  • Hi All
    Hope all is well...
  • good night sweet dreams
  • Cuz I will call u on that
  • Good morning, friends
    Happy Saturday.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Yes, Warren we're thinking of you.
  • Hello All, Thank you for the good wishes and prayers. I was in the Hospital a little longer then planned. After checking my EKG's for a couple of days, the DR. decided to change the dosage of the new medication. That meant I had to stay an extra day to observe and decide if the new dosage was good. I was discharged 7:30pm on Thursday. Fortunately a good neighbor from our Independent Living Apts. not only brought Carol to the Hospital in the AM but came back in the evening, took Carol to a Drug Store to get my prescription and then drove us home. Talk about a good neighbor!!!! Happy Birthday to Debbie and any other Birthdays I may have missed.
  • Hi Warren
    Glad you're ok. Take care & stay well.
  • Hi guys
    Please say a prayer for my Mom.
    "Happy 50th Anniversary" to my mom, an angel in heaven. I think of you each & every day. I love you!!
  • Prayers for your Mom Patsy
    Good night sweet dreams
  • Good morning  all...
    Get Well wishes for Warren   xoxoxo
    Have a great day
  • Patsy ...happy anniversary in heaven to your mom

    Warren....get well soon

    Hello everyone
  • Hello All,
    Guess who was back in the Hospital again for two days.? If you guessed Warren you are correct. At least this time it was in my Local Hospital so it was a little easier on Carol to get to see me. I am home again but not feeling all that great. I will tough it out.
  • Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

    Warren hope you're doing better now.

    Patsy happy anniversary to your mom.

    Hi Terry, Judy and all
  • Hi guys
    Warren, hope you are feeling better by now.
    Post on here as soon as you are able.
    Hi to everyone.
    I'm going to bed now.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
  • Good Morning,

    Going to be nice out today....enjoy!!!

    Hope everyone is doing good
  • Good morning all. Feeling a little better but not perfect. I guess at my age you can not expect to feel good every day. On Friday I will be seeing the Doctor who put me on Tikosyn. Perhaps he can explain some of my feelings. The bruises on my face are disappearing. The only marks left are the ones under my eyes and they are fading daily. Two of our grandchildren are at camp in Johnsonburg NJ. Sent them e-mails yesterday. They are having a busy summer . Besides Johnsonburg my grandson will be attending Band Camp and my youngest son is taking his family on a cruise in a few weeks.
    Terry, The pictures of the Church and neighborhood were great. All the people you snapped looked good as well. Who took the ones you were in?
  • Hi Warren
    Happy to see u on here...
    Mike I think snapped the photos I am in .........but he snaps so dam fast.  lol
    The photos that I am in in the church with the ladies ,Dolly the blond took them.
    Jerry LaGrecga's sister is in the photos with me and the ladies.
    Jerry I don't think can get on here...
    Hi all
    hope all is well
    Good Night Sweet Dreams

  • good morning all

  • Good morning, friends
    Enjoy your day!!
    Weather is great
  • good night sweet dreams
  • Good morning, friends
    Hope all is well.
    Enjoy your day!!
  • Posting with a  heavy and broken heart.
    Our Dear Annie Schralli passed away last night t the age of 92
    She will be missed so much
  • So sorry to hear that
    She was so loved by everyone!!
    I will say prayers
    May she R.I.P.
  • Hope everyone has a great day!!
  • Good afternoon all. Had a visit with my Cardiologist yesterday. This new drug I am on is not working out too well so far. My doctor & I agreed to give it two more weeks before we give up on it and go back to my old drug. In the meantime I have to take my B/P & pulse three times a day and increase my B.P medicine if my readings are high. The new medicine is for my A/Fib & A/Flutter but it is not doing a very good job. Feel tired & weak all the time. My readings this AM were lousy and just a few minutes ago they were so-so. Have to hope it will all work out in the long run.
    Did not know Annie Schralli but my condolences to her loved ones & friends. As you get older you start to realize how short life really is. Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
  • Hi guys
    Warren, it will all work out.
    You have our prayers.
    Mildred & I went to Helens & her boyfriends
    Double birthday party yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Good music & food & I got to see Helens uncle Paul & her sons & her mom who is also Helen. We were all neighbors in Park Slope. It was a good time.
    Hey cuz, Marion was there. She told me her sister is moving not too far from you soon. She sends her love.
    Everyone, enjoy your night & talk to you all Soon!!
  • Just to let you know what is going on in Real Estate in the Slope. Someone we know has a house with no more then 25-30' wide, 3 stories, at least 100 years old, attatched on both sides, and in pretty bad shape. It is on the market for $1,300,000. Offers in that amount have already been made. Holy banana peels.
  • Hi Warren
    Real estate is crazy all over, especially in Brooklyn. I own a 3 story colonial row in
    Good shape ( 2 family) new kitchens, bathrooms etc & it was just appraised at
    Over $800,000 & change. Also built in early 1900's. I have original moulding, tin ceilings in some rooms & the original pocket doors on my bedroom.
    I also live in a desirable neighborhood
    (Bay Ridge).. location has a lot to do with
    The price of homes.
    Brooklyn has become a hot commodity lately for home buyers. I get real estate people ringing my bell asking if I want to sell. One day, not sure when though.

  • Everyone, have a great night!!
  • Good Morning all
    So sorry I missed Helen's party.
    I am so upset Marion was there and I never got to see her.. We are friends from childhood.
    HEY  WARREN Happy to see you on here been thinking of you.
    Was a crazy weekend with Annie and All.
    She died peacefully and her mass was wonderful.
    At the end they had a trumpet player playing ,..Oh when the saints come marching in.  It was a great send off and a great tribute to Annie.Annie always wore a flower in her hair.  At the funeral they brought all her flowers and we all took one and wore it.  lol
    Saw your husband Patsy at the funeral.
    OK off to the gym
    see ya later.
    Love you all
    Se ya Saturday  Patsy and Deb 
  • Hi friends
    Hi cuz.
    Yes, Gino said he saw you.
    I'm so glad he was called to be a pall bearer for Annie.
    C u Saturday xx
    Hi to all.
    Have a great night!!
  • Hi guys
    Hope everyone is well.
    Enjoy your day!!

  • Sweet dreams, friends.
  • Hello from beautiful Florida! Trying to catch up with all the news! Warren-take care of yourself. Debbie-congrats on all your good news. Patsy-congrats on the new job. Judy-wow your grandson is 2? Time sure goes fast. Hi to Terry too. Enjoying the weather here and meeting people here at DelWebb. I'm here 5 weeks already-got my Fla. license last week.Shopping for furniture & running around & getting used to the peace & quiet. Will be back on soon. Good night!!
  • Good morning, friends
    Hi Anna sounds like you are loving your new life. Good for you!
    Glad to see you back on here.
    My new job is going well & all is well here.
    Terry, Deb, Mildred & Carol.
    C u girls at 11:00 today.

  • Everyone, have a great day!!
  • Good Morning & happy Saturday. Feeling a bit better. Had a little relapse on the cramps etc; front but not too bad. Got permission from my Cardiologist to take Immodium if the problem persists. Today is Carol's Birthday. Gave her a card with cash to spend ON HER SELF. Gave her strict instructions to spend it on herself and not the apartment. Anna, glad you are getting settled in. Watch out for the gators. Patsy, on the real estate subject. People in the slope are being offered 1 to 3 million dollars for their homes. It is nuts. As soon as the developers get title and permits they practically tear down the old house, not just gut it, and then build 3 or 4 stories with a condo selling for a million or more on each floor! Terry, we have a few couples here in our complex who came from Staten Island. I could talk old times with them about the YMCA Camp Pratt which was on Princess Bay. Judy & Deb, hope you are enjoying the summer weather.
  • Hi Warren-I have a resident alligator in the lake in back of the house Lol Very hot & humid here but I'm not complaining. Not after 85 inches of snow in Chicago last winter!!Happy Birthday to Carol today. Enjoy the weekend everyone...
  • Happy Sunday, friends
    Happy Birthday, Carol!!
    Warren hope you're well'
    Anna, enjoy the weather.
    Watching our grandson today.
    But he's just adorable!!
    Everyone, enjoy your day!!
  • Howdy everyone!

    A Happy 100th birthday to the Carousel in St Paul's Como Park:

    It is considered a great treasure locally - thanks to Brooklyn's Gerard Cafesjian who, while now departed, remains a beloved figure in these parts.

    A wonderful week to everyone!    :)
  • Hi guys!!
    Have a great night!!
  • Hi everyone, happy to hear from sound like you are loving Florida....

    Warren...Happy Birthday to Carol......hope you are feeling better.

    Hi to Patsy, Debbie, Terry, Donna, Prodigalson
  • Hi guys
    Hey Judy how are you ?
    Hope everyone is enjoying their night.
  • Patsy....I'm good. This summer seems to be going so fast. Are you going to the reunion? Me and Bobby are going.

    Everyone have a great day....
  • Hi guys
    Judy, yes I'm going. It will be nice to see you & Bobby.
    Looking forward...
    Hope everyone is well
    Sleep tight
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    Good morning, friends
    Doing laundry now & than getting dressed
    To go to Mildred's for the weekend .
    Just her & I going shopping, out to eat
    & maybe a movie over the weekend.
    We're also invited to a friends house in
    S.I. Tonite. Looking forward to some fun.
    Hope you all have a great weekend!
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    Wish I could report some good news but...... On Thursday I received some good news and some bad news from my Uroligist. There were NO cancer cells in my Urine specimen so my bladder cancer looks like it is still in remission. Will know better in February when he does a Cystoscopy. Meanwhile my PSA more then doubled. It is still very low comparatively speaking but doubling is a danger sign so I will go back on the Hormone shots this coming Thursday! On Friday I saw the Cardiologist who put me in the Hospital and changed my Heart medicine. The medicine is NOT doing what was expected. I will have to make some tough decisions on what to do next if it continues to fail expectations. The so called Golden Years. Guess I bought that gold in Woolworths or Kreskes.
  • Good morning friends
    Warren prayers for you!
    Trust The Lord to make the right decision for you. Take care of yourself. Love to Carol.
    Hi everyone,
    Enjoy your day!!
    I had a great time at Mildred's this past weekend. We visited friends for dinner, got to see my sister Angela before I left NJ
    & me & Millie did lots of shopping!
    Fun time!!
  • Good morning friends
    Have a great day!!
    Warren, hope you're feeling well.
  • Patsy, thank you for your concern. Actually I am not feeling too bad right now. This afternoon I have to get a hormone shot in the BUTT. That has some side effects but nothing I have not dealt with before. Had one of those annoying calls yesterday from a third party telling me I have a balance due on the hospital bill. I find that quite upsetting. I have my Insurance forms showing me I do not owe anything. I have had this happen before and they keep insisting you owe even after you send copies of the insurance payments! Tomorrow I hope to find out what we are going to do about my heart medicine. Is it working or not? That is the question. If it is not, then that whole hospital stay and the price (HIGH) of the new medicine was a waste. And then, what do we do next? Different medicine? Another Ablation heart surgery? Hopefully I will have some answers shortly.

    34,000 at the little league game last night in Williamsport PA. 13,500 at the major league game last night between the Rays and Tigers at Tropicana field in St Petersburg. The ball park is in the wrong place. Hard to get to from the most populous areas around here. The ballpark itself is fine. Comfortable in all weather. No posts to hinder your view of the game. It is domed. Absolutely necessary in Florida between the heat and rainstorms. Hopefully they will come up with an answer before the team moves to Las Vegas or another city!!!!
  • Hi Warren
    I know the right decisions concerning your health will be made.
    I said a prayer for you.
    Hope Carol is well.
    Keep us posted, please.
    Have a great weekend!!

  • Happy Saturday, friends
    Enjoy your weekend.
  • Good morning, friends
    Hope everyone is ok.
    Enjoy your day!!
  • Where is everyone??
  • Hi are you? Had a busy weekend.

    Hope everyone is doing well

    Have a great day
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    Hello All,
    In a sad mood. One of our friends here at The Courtyards Independent Living Facility passed away last night. Came as a shock. We were at a party here last night and walked home with her & her husband. She was complaining of a pain in her eye. Left them at the elevator at 8:30pm and we went on to our apartment. This AM when Carol saw her husband come into breakfast she went to him to ask how "Terry" was doing. He then told Carol that Terry died last night. Quite a shock! Please, do not ignore unusual pain or discomfort especially in or around your eyes.

    I will see my Cardiologist tomorrow and try & find out what exactly is going on with my medication change etc:. Weather here the last couple of days has been hot but drier than earlier this month when we had thunderstorms every evening.
    Typical August Florida weather. I hope Anna has learned how to deal with the Florida sun. You can only be exposed to it some days 10-15 minutes before burning. Sun Block Lotion is a must if you are going to be out in the sun any length of time. Carol has been having a bit of a rough time with her Migraines and digestive problems. Please take advantage of all the days you feel well.
    Despite all the upset I have been having I must admit that I am not feeling too bad at all.
  • Good morning, friends
    Warren so sorry about your friends passing. I said a prayer.
    Glad you are doing well. Say hi to Carol.
    Stay well.

    Hi Judy
    Looking forward to seeing you guys at the reunion. Hope all is well.
  • Good morning, friends
    "Happy Labor Day"!
    Enjoy your weekend :)
  • Good morning, friends
    "Happy Labor Day".
    Hope the weather holds up.
    Talk to you soon!
  • It is Labor Day. Thanks to all the HONEST Labor leaders for battling to get benefits for their workers & their survivors. Labor Unions get a bad rep because some of the leaders were dishonest. Is there any field where there are not a few rotten apples in the barrel? People, especially younger people do not realize what it was like to work and not reap the benefits of their Labor. Florida is a Right To Work State and Labor Unions are few & far between. Yesterdays paper showed that Florida is still way behind most of the country in wages & benefits Hmmmmm!
  • hi everyone hope everyone is doing o.k. hope your labor day is happy and safe for all.we are doing ok well everyone take one day at a time,and do the best you can.take care bobby c   
  • Good morning, friends
    Hi Warren
    Hi Bobby
    Hope all is well.
    Getting ready to go to work
    Talk to you all, soon.
  • Hi everyone,

    Can't wait for the reunion tomorrow's so nice to see everyone.

    Hope everyone is doing ok.

    Boy we are losing all our greats, Robin Williams, Joan Rivers......everyone in heaven must be in stitches right now.

    Have a great weekend!!!!
  • Happy reunion day!!
    Hope to see you there
  • Hi friends
    The reunion was fun & it was nice to see family & friends :)
    Hope you all enjoy your day!!!
  • "Happy Grandparents Day"
    My daughter Natalie & SIL Kevin
    Bought us a cannoli cake that read happy grandparents day! I didn't even know it was today. That was so nice of them.
    Enjoy your night.
  • Ok sorry I must have hit the button too
    Many times
  • Patsy....what a wonderful gesture...Happy Granparents Day to you and Gino

    So nice to see you at the reunion, had a great time.

    Hello to everyone
  • Hi Judy
    Nice seeing you & Bobby too!
    Keep in touch
  • Good morning friends,
    Hope you all enjoy your day!!
  • Have a great weekend!!
  • Hello All, Patsy, that cake looked delicious. The only decent bakery in Florida is in Publix Supermarkets. I did not know it was Grandparents day last week. I have 7 grandchildren aged from 10-23. I did not get a card! Remember the old Red Buttons act when he would say "And I didn't get a dinner"? To my knowledge there is not a stand alone bakery anywhere around here. Glad you folks had a good time at your reunion. It is great to meet with old friends. Warning, do it NOW! When you get older you find out that your old friends are fewer, fewer and fewer.

  • Hi Warren
    So nice to see you posting!'
    Hope you're feeling good as is Carol.
    The cake was cannoli filled from a great bakery here. We do have a few good bakeries, but we frequent our favorite 2.
    We had rain today, but we needed it.
    Got some housework done & now getting ready for dinner & going to relax.
    Hope you all have a great weekend!!
  • Hi Everyone...hope everyone is doing well

    Enjoy this beautiful day!!!
  • Hi friends
    Weather is great here today!!
    Enjoy :)
  • Speaking of weather-It started raining last night about 1 am and stopped this afternoon about 4 pm. Puddles, Puddles, puddles. No sun today in this part of sunny Florida!
  • Good afternoon friends
    Have a great weekend.
  • Hi friends
    Hope everyone is well
  • Hello All,
    Busy week. Carol had a Colonoscopy Tuesday. Of course that meant all the miserable prep on Monday. Today (Wednesday) I have a Pacemaker check at my Cardiology office and tomorrow I see my Cardiologist to get the results. We will then discuss and decide what the next step (If any) with the treatment of my A-Flutter. If the current medication is not improving the Flutter then they may have to shock me. You know, the electric blasters on the chest or back that you see on TV. On the other hand, if this medication (Amiodarone) is working, we will just plod along and hope for the best.

    Go Giants. They will be on TV Thursday night which is nation wide so I will get to see them play. Most of their games are not on TV in this hick area! If they play the way they did the first two games, it is probably better that I do not see them.
  • hi everyone hope all are doing well.were doing ok.hi oldgoat if you can check out a program called know the cause,in ny its on my time warner cable 1230 wrnn at 8am and again at 8pm monday thru friday,and it its also on my channel 19.i don,t know if you have cable,but you can also go online and punch in know the cause,been watching it for a while.just a though.o.k everyone take one day at a time,and do the best you can.and i will try to make the next reunion.take care bobbyc 
  • Hi Patsy, Warren and Bobby....hope everyone is doing good.

    It's a rainy day out today........not much going on. Enjoy your day
  • image

    A Happy New Year one & all!
  • finally got on here. Had so much trouble!! Anyway been so busy going to the gym,swimming, starting to go to all the events and meeting so many people! Getting used to the weather-getting cooler-85 today. Lol have my tickets all ready for the holidays-for 2weeks-Dec. 21 ti Jan 4 but I hope I don't get stuck in a snowstorm!! Went to casino today-won $150 won $250 last week. I'm on a roll! Talk to everyone soon!
  • Hi,

    Anna, sounds like you are Loving the life in happy for you.

    Happy Rosh Hashanah!!!
  • Hi guys
    Hi Judy, Bobby, & Anna.
    Anna enjoying your new life. Good for you!!
    Went to the bay ridge festival today.
    Had fun with my cuz terry & Mildred.
    Went to a nice restaurant for late lunch, walked the festival & stopped at the salty dog bar for a drink. We had a nice time.
    Live bands, dj's & great food.
    The festival runs about 25 to 30 blocks.great revenue for Bay Ridge.
    Tons of people & lots of merchandise sold.
    Restaurants & bars were all packed, inside & outside.
    Weather was beaitiful too!
    Hope you all had a great weekend.
    Talk to you all, soon.

  • Hello all. Only one way I can describe the weather here of late. RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN. If we get much more the cruise ships will be able to come to your door to pick you up!!! Giants looked great Thursday night. I hope they can keep it up. If they play the rest of the season like they did on Thursday they will be in the playoffs for sure. As far as baseball is concerned, Yanks and Mets will have to wait until next year. As an Old Brooklyn Dodger fan, I am very familiar with that saying. Have a great day!!!
  • Hi everyone, have a wonderful weekend
  • Hi friends
    Hope everyone is doing well!
    Cleaned most of the day today & getting
    Rid of stuff I no longer need.
    Relaxing now & reading a James Patterson novel,
    Enjoy your weekend.
  • Hello,

    Patsy, I am on my third Patterson novel just this past week! Altogether I have read more then a dozen of his books. I like the "Cross" books the best but this week I have been reading the "Private" series.

    Yesterday I went into the hospital. They put me to sleep and did a Cardioversion on my heart. So far so good but we will have to see if it lasts. Still a little hung over from the Anethesia.
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    Hi Warren
    Hope you're feeling better. I
    Read the "private series" & I love the Alex Cross books best too!
    I am reading a new one by him titled "invisible".
    Did you see the move "I, Alex Cross" with Tyler Perry?
    Good movie.
    Enjoy your read & feel good.
    Hope Carol is well. Send my regards.

  • Good morning all. Patsy, unfortunately I am not feeling better. My symptoms are worse since they Zapped me. I have an appointment with my Cardiologist Thursday AM. I already read Invisible. No I did not see the movie you mentioned but I did read the book. My only real complaint about the recent Patterson books is the fact that he is writing them as a ghost with other writers. I feel the books he writes alone are much better. Stuart Woods has several books coming out between now & next year. We both (Carol & I) like his books and read them on her Kindle. Many of the other books we read, we get at our small Library here at or Independent Living Apartments. We also have a huge Library at our disposal across the street and up the block from us. I finished Private Berlin and I am now reading Private Games. Have a great day.
  • It's me again. I have a favor to ask. If any of you see any changes to the old neighborhood, I would appreciate it if you would mention them on here. We do not get up that way but in many ways my heart is still in the slope!
  • Hi Warren
    Good luck tomorrow with your cardiologist
    It will all work out!!
    In my prayers
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