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Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread - Page 58 — Brooklynian

Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread



  • Hi Warren
    We did not color eggs this year
    Definitely next year when grandson is
    Older. I miss the days of egg hunts with
    The kids. I'm so glad I have Gavin to do this with In the coming yrs (God willing)
    I thinks it's wonderful the volunteer work you are doing. Helping others & brightening their day. God bless you. Hope Carol is well
    Send regards
    Enjoy your day!!
  • Hi Everyone,

    Hope everyone had a great Easter... are so wonderful to be spending your time making others feel so loved

    Hi Patsy, Anna, Debbie and Terry

    Have a great day
  • Hi All

    What was the name if the movie house on 16th street or 15th street years ago.   One was the Globe.  What was the other one and if there was another one.  I thought I remember you posting about them along time ago.
    Love what you are doing with the nursing  and assistant living people.
  • Good night sweet dreams

    Patsy were u on 6th avenue today???  The old neighborhood??
  • Terry, The Globe was on 15th Street just above 5th Avenue. There was a theater called the "16th Street" which was on 16th Street below 5th Avenue. We called the 16th Street "The Itch". It was pretty dirty. There was also a small theater on 6th or 8th avenue called the Minerva. Of course all those theaters including the Avon and Prospect are closed. The Sanders on PPW and 14th-15th Street is still open and it has a different name.
  • Thanks Warren

    Good Morning All....
    Happy Friday.
    Have a great Day
  • Hi-Warren-God bless u for all the kind work you're right-I love retirement because I have so much time to do all the things I didn't have time to do during the day...LOL...been decluttering the apartment a little at a time..took Jessica to her doctor's appt.on Wednesday-everything is the same..Brandon will be here when he decides to come..Praying it will be soon!!!  Watching Justin tomorrow is getting nicer everyday...feels like Spring...enjoy your weekend everyone and if I become a Grandma by Sunday I'll let you know.....bye

    IS THE Christening this weekend for Gavin???  Post photos Patsy
  • edited April 2014
    Hi guys
    Just watched the movie "Frozen " with my daughters. Movie is awesome.
    Hi cuz. yes Gavin's christening is tomorrow.
    Than 30 people to have dinner party for him at Vesuvio's.
    Was not in the old neighborhood since I went with you to St. Anna's reunion last year. Why do u ask? Do I have a double walking the old neighborhood streets?
    Photos will be on Facebook
    I have to learn to post them on here

    Hi Anna
    Enjoy Justin.
    Weather here has been nice too.
    Hello to all & enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  • Good Morning and Happy Sunday

    Have a great  day 
  • Patsy
    Sofia Pica said she saw u on 6th avenue.  Maybe it was someone who looked like you..

    Have a great Christening.  God Bless Gavin today and always
  • God Bless Gavin on his Christening Day!!!!

    Patsy...I also watched Frozen....loved grandson didn't want anything to do with

    Hi everyone...have a great day
  • Went to the cemetary yesterday ...can't believe my mom is gone two years already. Love and miss her so much everyday.

  • Hi guys
    Christening was beautiful
    Dinner party was awesome
    Great day!! We're very thankful.
    Hi cuz
    Yes I saw Sofia but on 6th ave in bay ridge.
    She was driving by when I was walking with some friends
    Hope you're having fun in Fla
    C u soon xx

    Hi Judy
    2 yrs went by quickly. May she be dancing with the angels.
    I look at your mom withy mom everyday in the picture you sent me.
    I love that picture!!

    Everyone, enjoy your night
  • Hi-Patsy-watched Justin Saturday night....had so much fun...Judy-I know how u feel-this Sunday it will be 16 years since my Mom seems like never get over it...well, I'm still on baby watch..Jessica is due on Thursday and the wait is killing me...LOL...will keep u posted...have a great day..........
  • Picture this ladies. On April 20 it was 59, yes 59 years ago that my father passed away. April 20, 1955. Six months before that, Oct 6 1954, my Mother passed. That will be 60 years ago come October 6, 2014. They were so young, 51 and 54 years old. They really just began to enjoy life. Finally could afford vacations and not have young children to worry about. They did not have much of a chance to enjoy their grandchildren. A very smart man told me one time that death is part of life! He also advised me to concentrate on the good times with my parents while they were alive and healthy. He said "do not mope around and only think of their illnesses and passing." I have tried very hard to do that. All my brothers (two of them) and my sister died in the past few years since I moved to Florida. They lived here as well. The brothers on the West coast of Florida and my sister on the East coast of Florida. I am the only sibling left. We did get to spend some time together in our late years and thank God for that! Memories are wonderful and we should try and concentrate on the good memories...Too bad we can't do smiley faces any more. This would be a good place for one.
  • edited April 2014
    Beautifully said Warren

    Patsy...glad the Christening was so some pics!!!

    Anna.....Waiting to hear the good news

    Have a great day
  • Hi guys
    Cast is off (that's the good news)
    Bad news, it is still very sore
    Dr said my age, it will be a couple of months until it feels really good.
    He suggested physical therapy.
    I will look into that. Not thrilled though.
    Hope everyone is good.
    Debbie, hope you feel better.
    Looking forward to breakfast on
    Thursday. Will call you later.
    Enjoy your night, people

  • Hi-Good news everyone-Brandon Peter Krinner came into the world last night at 10:53 PM-he's a little peanut...6 lbs.15 oz-18 1/2 inches..but pink, healthy and with a full head of hair!   LOL.. my kids were all bald when they were young so I am thrilled!  Nothing like having a new baby in the family...I'm so excited!  talk to u soon.....bye
  • Good morning friends
    Congrats Anna
    Nothing more exciting than a new baby
    Is right!! Enjoy!!

    Everyone have a great day
    Stay dry
    Lots of rain here
  • Anna....Congratulations on your new is your daughter feeling?


    Have a great day.......horrible rainy day here...
  • Hi Patsy....I had the surgery on my wrist and elbow two months ago and some days it's still so sore, especially when it rains. The doctor said it will take a while to feel completely better.

    This weather is so horrible out, haven't stopped raining all day.

    Keep dry.....
  • Hi all. Been going crazy because I have shingles!! Omg the pain.....thank god it's easing up now but this last week has been hell!

    Judy I can't believe 2 years have passed already, then again I can't believe my mom will be gone 10 years in June

  • What did I do, only half my comment posted!! Grrrr

    Patsy I'm feeling a little better thanks for checking on me

    Anna congratulations on your new grandson. Enjoy him.

    Warren I hope you're doing ok I heard Florida was getting hit hard with rain.

    Terry home sweet home for you tomorrow lol
  • thanks everyone for the well wishes..Jessica is doing okay-last minute c-section but shes felling better-she's going home tomorrow already..saw her and the baby this morning..been raining here since Monday-it could be worse-it could be snow..LOL Debbie-I heard shingles was very painful...always something right...heard the east coast is flooding (even in the panhandle of Florida) my son is in North Carolina on business and I heard they had tornado brother sent me pics of the new house-the walls are up and the roof is going on this week...things are starting to move fast!  well, got to to u soon
  • Oh I also heard they are painful...hope you feel better real soon.
  • Hello All,
    1st of all-Debbie, several years ago Carol had shingles. It must be taken seriously. Carol's were on her face and traveled right near her eye. They got her medication in time which kept it from affecting her sight. Since then, we have both had the Shingle shot which will help prevent, maybe, future episodes.

    We in the west coast, central part of Florida, have not been hit with the serious rains. They are predicting storms later today and tomorrow. The Panhandle is on the Northwest coast of Florida and that area is subject to all kinds of wild weather. They were hit with 22 inches of rain yesterday. Hard to even imagine that much rain.

    Judy & Patsy, I heard lifting a few glasses of booze helps heal painful wrists etc:. At least it may help you forget about the pain!

    Anna, It is the duty of all grandparents to spoil their Grandchildren rotten!! Good luck!
  • I am home sweet home Debbie
    Feel better.  Yes they say shingles very painful.
    Anna congratulations, nice to hear some happy news these days.
    Judy it is hard to believe Loraine is gone two years. I remember going to visit her for her birthday when she was sick. What I remember most is her on 27th street when we were kids..
    Warren my cousin Rosa's son is is the service and he is in Afghanistan right now but his wife and baby live on the base in Pensacola and it is so bad there with this rain.  I left Wednesday and it was beautiful.  Yes we must concentrate on the good memories in our life with all our loved ones.  those who are gone and those we still have..

  • Good morning friends,
    Welcome home Cuzzies
    Will talk with you soon xx
    Everyon, enjoy your weekend!