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Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread - Page 61 — Brooklynian

Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread



  • Sweet potato on his face
    & hands in the bowl when he got a chance.
    I just love him soooooo much!!
  • Good night sweet dreams
  • Hi All Hope All Is Well

  • Good Morning All Have a great day
  • Good morning friends
    Weather is nice
    I have some errands to run
    Hope everyone enjoys their day!!
  • Good night sweet dreams
  • Hello Friends!

    I am amazed at some of the changes taking place in God's Country such as:

    Bushwick wasn't always that way but it's good to see the diversity.  Hopefully, some  day this will happen in East New York where I grew up.

    The weather here in St Paul has greatly improved (finally!). But the sad thing for me is that the regular season for high school baseball & softball has ended.  Scholastic sports remains my favorite form of entertainment.   Sadly, there have been great cutbacks in Summer league sports and we are still awaiting word as to whether any funding for this type of activity will be found.  Got my fingers crossed that it will be!

    Everyone please have a wonderful day!   :)
  • edited May 2014
    Good Morning All, Weather here has been perfect for several days. Warm & Dry.
    Patsy, Sweet Potato on the hands and face are cute. It's when they get other stuff on their hands I do not find it so funny! Years ago, I was watching one of my Grand daughters when she was 2 or 3. She fell asleep on my lap. At that time she was having a problem keeping her bladder in check. When she fell asleep, she peed. All over me!!! She is now a college grad and I have not teased her about that episode in a long time. Guess I will wait until her boy friend is around and embarrass the hell out of her.

    We have 7 grandchildren ranging in age from 22-10. My youngest son & his wife were here at our place several months ago with his 2 children. They are 10 and 13. My daughters daughter graduated from Stockton State College in NJ last May. My oldest sons eldest boy will graduate (hopefully) from John Jay Forensic College in the fall. Enjoy the heck out of your grandchildren because they age so quickly that they are adults before you know it.
  • Hi guys
    Hi Richard!
    Fingers crossed for funding you guys need for your sports, etc.
    Hopefully it will all work out.
    Hi Warren
    Hope you & Carol are well.
    I had my babies pee on me & my son
    Was great for peeing In my face during changing. Lol
    My grandson has already partially peed in my face while putting on clean diaper. I
    Have to learn to change him quicker.
    We need to enjoy all our moments with our
    Loved ones.
    Life goes by too quickly!!

    Happy to see Max & Meryl win DWTS
    Max finally won after being on for 13 seasons.
    Hope all is well.
    How is Justin & Brandon??
    Kisses to the boys

    Everyone, have a great night!!
  • Gavin in his christening outfit
    One piece with hat. Too cute!!
  • Hi-been so busy with Jessica and Brandon the days just fly by..want to wish my daughter, Tina, a very Happy Birthday today!!! funny story-last week at Justin's graduation-the teacher would call out the student's name and read off what they want to be when they grow up-teacher, policeman, fireman-my grandson said he wanted to be a dancer on Dancing With The Stars...only out of the mouths of babes...LOL...Brandon is getting bigger (and hungrier) every day..he's a regular nightowl!!! keeps my daughter up all night (every 2 hours)..I keep telling her this will pass but she doesn't believe me!!! 86 yesterday & today..on the way home from Jessica's house (which is 25 miles away) in a bad storm with golf ball size car got a few dents but it was the craziest thing to go through..well, getting late, enjoy the rest of the week to u soon..............
  • Good morning, friends
    Hi Anna
    I wrote to you on here about Dwts
    Don't know if you saw the post or not?
    It is right above.
    Hope all is well.
    Everyone have a great day!!
  • Sweet dreams, people
  • Hi

    Patsy...Gavin got so big, he is adorable

    Glad everyone is doing good

    So sick of all this rain

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend
  • Good Morning on this cloudy, Misty and rainy day
    Patsy I am happy Max won but she is on my nerves.  I think she had an advantage being an ice skater. I said get a room.  She was all over him. Just did nt like her so much.
    Anyway my little cuzzie is getting so big.  xoxoxoxo

    Hi Warren,Judy, Anna , Debbie and Prodigalson

    Did I forget anyone??  OK off to taking Mia to school and to the gym...Have a great day
  • Good morning, friends
    Hi cuz Xxox to Mia.
    Will call u soon.
    Hi Judy
    Thanx & he is getting so big so quickly!!
    Send a big hug to Sal for me.
    Say hi to Bobby!
    My daughter Toniann is taking her last exam today & she is done with her first year of college. Boy, did that go by quickly!!
    She received a 3.5 GPA award & she also received most improved player on her softball team. So proud of her!
    Weather not so nice. I hope tomorrow is better, we have a bar b q to go too.
    Fingers crossed.
    Everyone, have a safe & great holiday weekend!
  • I suspect you folks may enjoy this video about Brooklyn Back When:

  • Hi Whynot
    Thanx & enjoy your weekend.
  • good morning, friends :)
    weather seems to be better today. what rain we had last night!!
    lightening, thunder, the whole ball of wax!!
    geting readuy to go to a frineds bbq in S.I.
    looking forward to it!!! mutual friends o mine, millie & carol's.
    i will see the crew today!! looking forward..
    everyone, enjoy your day & holiday weekend!!
  • tried to post pix from glitter-graphics
    did not work
    oh well!!!
    judy, i need u to walk me thru it please.
    i did it the way i used to, but it is not working.
    thanx :)
  • Hi cuz
    Max & Meryl had some kind of chemistry together. Yes she is an Olympic gold medal skater, so she had an advantage.
    Biut they were good!!
    Max has always been my favorite thru all the seasons I watched DWTS,
    He is a great dancer & can we say
  • Good morning, friends
    Weather is beautiful today!!
  • Good morning all....

    Happy Memorial Day weekend.

    I can't believe my oldest, Kati, is graduating college next week!!  She was accepted into Hunter College's mental health counseling program to earn her masters.  I'm a proud mama lol My youngest, Samantha, just turned 18 and my son, Kevin, finished his freshman year in college....times flying!!

    Patsy I didn't realize your anniversary is on Samantha's birthday....Happy belated anniversary.  I also love Pepinos!!

    Anna enjoy the new baby :-)

    Hi Judy, Terry, Warren and all......
  • Hello All,
    Remember please, this used to be "Decoration Day" when people decorated the graves of loved ones lost in battle. As "Memorial Day" we do a lot of celebrating with bar-b- cues, picnics etc:. That is all fine as long as we remember the true meaning of the day and at least set apart a part of the day to remember & "Memorialize" our departed heroes. Our Dedication here at our Independent Living facility will be at 10:am. I have been chosen to do the benediction as well as lead the group in singing "America The Beautiful". Enjoy the day & cherish the memories......
  • Happy Memorial Day friends
    Hi Warren
    Yes, I have already said my prayer today for the departed heroes.
    We must never forget!!
    I know you will give a great benediction!
    God Bless you Warren.
  • Everyone have a great & safe holiday!
    My grandson Gavin is going to a Mets game today with his parents & another couple who actually invited them & their baby daughter. They have tix (VIP) seats where they can eat inside or outside & private bathrooms. They will be up close & personal to the field.
    Gavin will be wearing his Mets outfit!
    I will post some pictures later.
    Enjoy your day'