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Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread - Page 59 — Brooklynian

Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread



  • Welcome home Terry

    Anna hope your enjoying your new grandson

    Debbie feel better

    Hi Warren and Patsy

    Have a great weekend
  • Hi All
    Hope your day has been geat
  • Terry, you got out just in time! Rain came yesterday (Friday) afternoon and it was a deluge. Not as bad as the Panhandle but parts of Tampa and other low lying areas in the whole area have been hit hard. It is still raining now (Saturday morning) and they are expecting it off and on all day. Tampa got 3" yesterday. Parts of Pinellas got hit as well. We got 2" yesterday in Sun City Center.

    Anna, you are used to the snow, get used to the rain when you move down here. We get plenty of Sunshine but when it rains, watch out!

    Tomorrow I have light duty. Just have to run the Communion service here in our Adult Community.

    All the rest of you, enjoy your weekend.
  • Good morning friends
    Happy Sunday
    Enjoy your day!!
  • Good morning everyone-cloudy day today..but in the 70's & 80's by the end of the week..can't wait..going to Jessica's everyday this week to help her out..taking them to the baby's 1st checkup tomorrow......want to wish my Mom Happy 16th Anniversary in are loved and to everyone soon.......
  • Hi all.....

    Thank you, yes the shingles are very painful. I had them on my hand, wrist n finger. Thank God it's better but still hurts some. Just glad it wasn't worse.

    Warren that had to be so scary for Carol having them on her face. The medicine does work fast to stop it from spreading if you catch it quick.

    Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend
  • Good morning friends
    Hope everyone is well.
    Enjoy your day!!
    Anna enjoy the baby & May your mom
    Be dancing with the angels.
  • Thank you Patsy...Been with Jessica every day since yesterday helping her has his nights & days mixed up...we can all son is in North Carolina & will come home to see me and the new baby this weekend....going to be 80 tomorrow and 85 on Thursday..took Jessica and Brandon to the nurse yesterday..they went on Friday & he lost 10 ozs since his birth (they say that's normal to lose some ozs) well, we had a good laugh...he put on 1/2 a pound in 3 days!  in between everything else, I'm still decluttering the apartment and officially vacate the apt. on June brother sends pictures and the house is coming along really fast!  walls are up and roof with shingles is on already and it's only been 3 weeks..there is a possiblility I will be moving the beginning of July if this keeps up!  Patsy-what did u think of DWTS?  Didn't care for the guest judge but I think all the dancers are great this year!  well, better say goodnight, talk to u in a few days!........Bye
  • Hi Anna
    Glad all is going well with family & the
    Move!! Dwts I love this is best season for sure due to changes & adding new things to the show. Judge Abby Lee Miller
    Is very honest & a great dance coach.
    I watch a show called Dance Moms which is all about her & her students & dance career. ( 3 seasons already).
    She tells it like it is, but to mess with Maks,
    Bad move. We all know he does not hold back. I enjoyed Mondays show with her.
    Weather here is nice too!
    Enjoy your day & talk to you soon.

  • Good morning friends
    Enjoy the weather & your day!!
  • Good morning all
    Patsy did u get my email I can't shop June 7th have two parties.
    Hi my little Gavin xoxoxoxo
    Yes Warren got out just in time and I brought the nice weather back here it has been great
  • Howdy all!

    I hope that life in God's Country remains really good for everyone.

    Weather here in St Paul has been kinda cold for this time of year but we're enduring it and looking forward to nicer weather.

  • Good afternoon friends
    Hi cuz
    Yes I read it last night
    You will be missed :(
    If date changes or another is planned I will let u know.
    Love you & Gavin sends xox

    Hi Richard
    Hope u are well
    It's raining today & will rain tomorrow
    Enjoy your day!!
  • Good morning friends
    TGIF & happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there'.
    Enjoy your weekend!
  • Hi all
    Prodigalson  we have been lucky has not been cold since I got back from Florida. I brought the warm weather back here.  lol
    Oh Patsy
    I wish they would change the date I am going to miss being there with u guys..
    Have a great Mothers Day All

  • Hi Everyone,

    Hope everyone is doing good.

    To all you Moms out there....have a wonderful Mother's Day

  • Good morning friends
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Cuz I sent you an email
    Love you & will talk to you soon!!
    Everyone have a great day!!
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  • Ohh great finally found all of you!!
    Its been so long.....just read back this page ....Congratulations Patsy, Judy and Anna on your handsome little guys!! Im gonna be a Grandma again in July cant wait .....they dont want to know what it is yet!! Im so upset still that we lost Freddy and my ANTHONY and Tommy Reilly!!
  • OMG is that the Long Lost Jim back on here .....and where the heck is Pinto??
  • Thank you everyone at Brooklynian for keeping this site going guys all rock!!! So do the few of you who have been posting to keep it going!!
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    mothers day photo: Mothers Day md10.gif

    To All the Beautiful Moms here or no longer here .... <3
  • good to see you back on......Congratulations on becoming a grandmother again....have a wonderful Mother's Day
  • Hi Suzie!!
    Great to see you back on here!
    Stay awhile & visit with us.
    Have a great Mother's Day & congrats on your new grandchild. Is it Vinny & his wife's baby?
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    I wonder if Jim will come back on
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    Can someone please put directions on this blog for me on how to post pictures?
    Thank you :)

  • Just click this little blue icon:   imageupload.

    It is to the top left of the comment box.
  • Good morning friends
    Hope you all have a great Mother's
    Enjoy :)
  • Thanx so much Whynot
    I will give it a try later on
    Have a great day!!!
  • hi everyone happy mothers day,congrats to all the new borns,and there families.anna how,s retirement going.the old globe was a second home to us.i remember coming out of ps 146 on Fridays after school,and I guy would be handing out card board flyers,and if you got the right color flyer,you would get into the globe for free,but we knew Eleanor longo,who worked at the globe as a matron,so we always got in for free,and she would give me and my older brother john,a big bag of many Saturday mornings there.and anna having a hobby in retirement is a good option.but you will find your own path.ok every one take one day at a time,and do the best you can.take care bobbyc