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Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread - Page 60 — Brooklynian

Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread



  • Hello and Happy Mothers day to all you wonderful Mothers.

    Bobby C . I do not know if that was the same mean matron who would check your ticket stubs and if it was the wrong color (meaning you already saw the whole show) she would throw you out! Since I am so much older then most of you, it was probably a different time and a different Matron. The show consisted of Two feature films, a couple of serials (like superman or batman), several cartoons and the coming attractions. They would change the ticket colors at the box office, timing it with a complete showing of all of the above. The Avon was a little more lenient. The Prospect cost a little more then the Globe and Avon so we seldom went there on Saturdays. The Prospect was a lot nicer though and they had an organ. The Organ would pop up and you would follow the bouncing ball on the words on the screen as you sang along! Before my time the Prospect had Vaudeville and some people who became big stars later in their careers played the Prospect. Believe it or not there was a sign painted near the top of the side of the Prospect which said "Talking Movies-Air Conditioned."
  • Gavin now 5 months old
    My little prince

    Thank you again Whynot.
    It was so easy
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    Hope everyone enjoyed their day.
    Brunch with the kids was great
    Went to Cebu restaurant here in bay ridge& dinner was good too!!
    We had ravioli in sauce, meatballs, salad & fresh Italian bread from the Italian deli a block away. My hubby helped cook & he & the kids did the cleaning up.
    Relaxing now & watching tv.
    Enjoy your night

  • Sorry, picture came up 3 times
  • Hi Warren
    Hi Bobby
    Love the stories
    They bring back nice memories.
  • Happy Mothers Day Ladies
  • Why is only half my post showing? Oh well. I hope everyone had a great day. 

    Sue glad you're back. 
  • Good morning friends
    Weather is beautiful
    Lots to do today
  • Patsy...Gavin is so big already

    Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day
  • Hi guys
    Thanx Judy!
    He is something else,
    Everyone, enjoy your day!!!
  • Welcome Back Suzie
    Hi everyone
    Good night sweet dreams
  • Good morning friends
    Enjoy your day!!
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    Hi Everyone ....Patsy ...Gavin is so handsome...they are so precious! I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day. Hi Terry and Debbie.....I dont really come on the computer anymore ....I do everything on the Iphone....times are changing so fast! Hi Jerry and Jeanette
    Have a Good night Everyone ...

    sunsets photo: Sun Rise 855065782_28c3c04b4e.jpg
  • Hi everyone-been so busy-helping with the new baby, and I was with the kids this weekend- my son came up from Central Illinois to see me and his new nephew and we all went out for breakfast for Mother's Day...had a doctor's appt today but will go see Jessica and Brandon tomorrow-taking a trip to the mall just to get out of the house for awhile...hi Bobby C-since I've retired  I'm out 7 days a week...LOL..and when I move to Florida I'm quite sure I'll really be busy..the DelWebb community has 200 social clubs and a travel club so I think I'll find something to do...LOL...Suzie-I'm so glad you're back on..please stop by and see us more often!!! Whatever happened to Pinto and Jeannette? Hi to Terry,Debbie, Patsy (sorry to see Charlie White leave on DWTS), Judy and to u soon..good night.....................
  • Good morning friends
    Hope you all enjoy your day!!
  • Hi Anna
    Glad all is well with the new baby & family.
    Charlie was not one of my faves on Dwts
    Val & Danica are gone but my second fave
    Couple Derek & Amy are still in it.
    I am rooting for them to win!
    Hi everyone
    Enjoy your night!
    We have lots of rain heading this way over the next 2 days.
    Stay dry.
  • Good Morning All
    Have a great day.
    Big wedding this weekend
    Jonathan now finished his second year in law school
    The wedding is for his roommate and April's roommate from college.
    They have been good friends since college.  They all studied (yeah) in Italy years ago for a semester. Time is going too fast.
    Hi little Cuzzie Gavin I love ya and before you know it Gavin will be in college.  lol
  • Good morning friends
    Hi cuz
    Enjoy your big weekend.
    Gavin sends xox to you & the Cuzzies.
    Today Gino & I are married 22 yrs.
    Doing dinner & movie tomorrow night.
    Everyone, enjoy your weekend!!
  • Patsy, Congrats, enjoy your anniversary celebration. Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, Carol & I will be celebrating our 54th anniversary comes June.

    Suzie, welcome home!!!

    Anna, aint retirement grand???

    Hi Judy, Debbie, T-Bone and the rest of our faithful contributors.
  • Hi guys
    Thanx Warren
    54 yrs. God Bless
    I hope you & Carol have many more.
    Hubby & I are staying home tonite,
    But tomorrow it will be dinner & a movie.
    I want to see Godzilla in 3D
    I loved that movie when I was a kid.
    The new version looks good.
    Remember the old movie the mouth &
    Words were not in sync?
    We are picking up tix tonite, b/c the lines will belong since the movie just came out
    Everyone, enjoy your weekend!'
  • Hi -beautiful day out but in the 40's..we had snow yesterday...went to Justin's kindergarten graduation last was the cutest thing!  Brandon is changing every day-almost 3 weeks old already...Warren-retirement is the best!!!  going out with friends today for lunch...Congrats Patsy on your anniversary-have fun tonight!  everyone enjoy the to u soon....................
  • Happy Anniversary Patsy and Gino.....have a great time tonight

    Have a good time At the wedding Terrry

    Hi Anna, Warrren, Debbie, Suzie, Richard and Bobby

    Beautiful weather out....enjoy!!!!
  • Hi guys
    Beautiful day!
    Thanx guys for the congrats.
    Anniversary was quiet dinner at home

    We did a yard sale on the block today.
    Went well
    Got rid of a lot of stuff & made some $$$
    Always fun, but a lot of work.
    Going to see Godzilla tonite & out to
    Enjoy your night
  • Hi again
    Let me say Godzilla was really good.
    I enjoyed all 2 hrs of it.
    I would see it again.
    Completely different ( & much better)
    Than the original.
    It was so good that Godzilla got everyone in the theatre clapping & cheering him on
    At the end!!

    Dinner was delicious.

    Went to peppinos Italian restaurant
    Here in bay ridge. I love that they play
    Italian music all night.
    Hubby & I had cold antipasto &
    Spaghetti shrimp marinara.
    Have a great night!
  • Hi guys
    Happy Sunday!
    My grandson Gavin had his first taste of food today. He was introduced to sweet potato. My daughter Natalie made it with a sweet potato In the purée machine.
    He didn't like it that much.
    We all watched his reaction. Not too happy.
    I will try to post picture of him eating it.
    He will probably like fruit better.
    He took a spoonful & shook his head & shoulders. Too cute!!!
    Cooking now.
    Have a great night!!