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Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread - Page 64 — Brooklynian

Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread



  • Good morning friends
    Rainy day!!!
    Stay dry & enjoy
  • Good morning friends
    Happy Tuesday!!
    More rain coming
    Enjoy your day
  • I love my carrots
  • Look into my baby blues
  • Good morning friends
    Hope everyone is good!
    Enjoy your day!!!!
  • Patsy, I am not sure of the exact location of the Legion but it probably is the same place you know of. So much has changed since I was active in Bay Ridge, I would not even recognize a lot of it. I belonged to the Bay Ridge Masonic Club which was on the corner of 4th Ave and I believe 77th st. It was across the street from the K of C. I think the club is long gone. Ovington Alleys is gone? How about the Alpine Theater on Fifth Ave. Back in the 40"s or early 50's I went to the Alpine with my Mother to see Gene Kelly in "The Pirate". We took the 5th Ave Trolley out and back! The Bay ridge Masonic Temple on 69th St below 4th Ave is I do not know what now? My Parents were both laid out in Waldeck's Funeral Parlor on 4th Ave and I think 78th St. I believe it is part of a chain now. Of course, building the Verazzano Bridge took out quite a bit of the Shore Road area. Is Ft Hamolton still there?
  • OMG Patsy Gavin is adorable.......what beautiful eyes....I know how much you must be enjoying him

    Hello to everyone
  • Hi everyone-well it's confirmed-closing date is July 3..will be ordering my bedroom furniture at the end of the week for delivery down excited!  watched Brandon yesterday while Jessica went for her 6 week checkup..lost all the baby weight!  we then met Tina & Justin at the mall!!  been raining for the last 2 days..going to the pool with Tina & Justin on Saturday..Tina left her job & decided to spend the summer home with Justin (and help with Jessica and Brandon) when I leave for Fla. the girls will spend the summer your story Warren-remember taking the 5th Ave. bus with my grandfather when I was 12 out to Shore Rd. to watch the Verrazzano Bridge being built..what memories! For some reason, I don't think the kids today will have the same great memories we had when we were sad...will talk to u soon............................. 
  • Good Morning All...
    Have a great Thursday

  • Good morning friends
    Hi Warren
    Alpine theatre still there.
    Waldecks funeral became bay ridge funeral which is now torn down & becoming condos. Ft. Hamilton still in tact. Toniann went to their HS & did very well there.
    As a matter of fact my 3 children went to
    Hi Anna
    How exciting!! Good luck with everything.
    Going to the dentist now.
    Everyone, have a great day!!!
  • Hi Judy
    Yes I totally enjoy him.
    & spoil him.
    How is baby Sal. Post some pix.
    I'm sure he's gotten so big!
  • Good morning friends
    Rainy day.
    Have errands to run.
    Enjoy your day & weekend.
  • Good Morning and Happy Saint Anthony to all you Anthonys
    Especially Umbria up in heaven think of you always..xoxoxo
  • Yes Happy St. Anthony's Day.
    Thank cuz for the reminder.
  • Congrats to Donna & Kenny on their new grand daughter Emma.!!!
  • Good morning friends
    Happy flag day.
    Raise your flag proudly!!!!
    Have a great day!!!
  • edited June 2014
    Anna ....glad everything is coming along with your move

    Donna & Kenny...congratulations on your new grandchild

    Hi Patsy, Warren, Debbie and Terry

    Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there!!!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

  • Happy Fathers Day to all
    Went to see Annie Schralli yesterday upstate.  doing much better.  Was not doing good two weeks ago but now good..
    Going to Trace today for Fathers Day//
    Have a Get Day
  • Good morning friends
    Happy Fathers Day to all the dads
    Out there.
    Enjoy your day!!
    Staying home & BBQing.
  • Happy Father's Day one & all!
  • Happy Father's Day from my husband Gino
    & our grandson Gavin.
    Hope you all had a wonderful day!!!
  • Oops upside down & twice
  • Good Morning All.
    Gavin is getting sooooo big
    Have a great day all
  • Today's Inspirational Quote (Mon, 16 Jun 2014)
    May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home. May good and faithful friends be yours wherever you may roam...
    — Irish Proverb
  • Good Monday morning to all.
    Had a nice Fathers day. Heard from all three of my children. Of course two of them are Fathers also so I had to wish them right back. We had our usual Sunday Champagne brunch with a carnation presented to all the Fathers and later had our Church Service. I was asked yesterday to take part in two services next week. One here where we live and one at a neighboring Independent/Assisted Living facility.

    Saturday we had a very good show in the afternoon. The fellow who performed is an excellent impressionist and a good singer. At night we had a movie. "Saving Mr. Banks". It was pretty good. I thought the acting was superb and NO CUSS WORDS.

    Tomorrow (Tuesday) night I am going to see the Rays play the Orioles in Tropicana field. It is a bus trip so I do not have to worry about driving or parking. To those who think older people just sit around in an Independent Living Facility, you are very wrong!
  • Hi-hope everyone enjoyed their special day yesterday..been so busy-spent 4 hours on the phone today just with change of address for S.S., credit cards etc. getting my plane ticket for July 6th..i had so much fun ordering furniture-closing is July 3rd so I had to order 2 mattress sets, 2 bedroom sets, and a living room a kid in a candy store!!! swimming pool is in and the interior is being finished already!  landscaping is also put in!!  my niece & family will be coming down the week after I arrive so I think I'll be quite busy this summer.  Tina & Scott & Justin may come the end of July (Justin wants to see Minnie & Mickey)..still have a long "to do" list but taking it one day at a time.  Have to be out of my apt. by June 30th. will try to get on here by the end of the week.. bye
  • Good morning friends
    Anna you're almost there!!!
    Hi Warren
    You're awesome!!
    I always say the older the wiser.
    Everyone, have a great day ;)